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  1. Just the same list and it doesn't need to pop up it just needs to be present in the boxes for the days of the week. Like monday would say, "Take out the trash." Tuesday would say, "Clean your room." etc. I apologize for not explaining well lol. And yes an array with variables that can be edited would be what I'm aiming for.
  2. Basically I need a list of events for one week of my calendar. Monday thru sunday of one week that need to be in an array
  3. So I have a calendar that I created using JavaScript on an HTML page but now I need to create a variable that contains an array. The array needs to be a week long to-do list. Problem 1, I try to create the variable to produce the 'to-do' list but I'm not sure how to associate the array with a week out of the month. Second, I'm not sure where to plug in the variable once I have created it in order to make it show up in the calendar. Below is the script I wrote for the calendar. And help would be appreciated. Thanks! <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Month Calendar</title> </head> <body> <script> monthnames = new Array( "January", "Februrary", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "Decemeber"); var linkcount=0; function addlink(month, day, href) { var entry = new Array(3); entry[0] = month; entry[1] = day; entry[2] = href; this[linkcount++] = entry; } Array.prototype.addlink = addlink; linkdays = new Array(); monthdays = new Array(12); monthdays[0]=31; monthdays[1]=28; monthdays[2]=31; monthdays[3]=30; monthdays[4]=31; monthdays[5]=30; monthdays[6]=31; monthdays[7]=31; monthdays[8]=30; monthdays[9]=31; monthdays[10]=30; monthdays[11]=31; todayDate=new Date(); thisday=todayDate.getDay(); thismonth=todayDate.getMonth(); thisdate=todayDate.getDate(); thisyear=todayDate.getYear(); thisyear = thisyear % 100; thisyear = ((thisyear < 50) ? (2000 + thisyear) : (1900 + thisyear)); if (((thisyear % 4 == 0) && !(thisyear % 100 == 0)) ||(thisyear % 400 == 0)) monthdays[1]++; startspaces=thisdate; while (startspaces > 7) startspaces-=7; startspaces = thisday - startspaces + 1; if (startspaces < 0) startspaces+=7; document.write("<table border=2 bgcolor=white "); document.write("bordercolor=black><font color=black>"); document.write("<tr><td colspan=7><center><strong>" + monthnames[thismonth] + " " + thisyear + "</strong></center></font></td></tr>"); document.write("<tr>"); document.write("<td align=center>Su</td>"); document.write("<td align=center>M</td>"); document.write("<td align=center>Tu</td>"); document.write("<td align=center>W</td>"); document.write("<td align=center>Th</td>"); document.write("<td align=center>F</td>"); document.write("<td align=center>Sa</td>"); document.write("</tr>"); document.write("<tr>"); for (s=0;s<startspaces;s++) { document.write("<td> </td>"); } count=1; while (count <= monthdays[thismonth]) { for (b = startspaces;b<7;b++) { linktrue=false; document.write("<td>"); for (c=0;c<linkdays.length;c++) { if (linkdays[c] != null) { if ((linkdays[c][0]==thismonth + 1) && (linkdays[c][1]==count)) { document.write("<a href="" + linkdays[c][2] + "">"); linktrue=true; } } } if (count==thisdate) { document.write("<font color='FF0000'><strong>"); } if (count <= monthdays[thismonth]) { document.write(count); } else { document.write(" "); } if (count==thisdate) { document.write("</strong></font>"); } if (linktrue) document.write("</a>"); document.write("</td>"); count++; } document.write("</tr>"); document.write("<tr>"); startspaces=0; } document.write("</table></p>"); </script> </body> </html>
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