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  1. JavaScript is a very important language for developers to learn. JavaScript is included in almost every website in these day. You can say that without JavaScript our sites are not that attractive. So you have to lear how to code in JavaSript. Learn and you can do a lot of fun things in your websites.
  2. Is there any way that we can validate our form fields with CSS3. I know that with HTML5 we can.
  3. I hear about the fate a number of times. I am confused. Is it already desided what will happen to me. Or I can change what is in my fate. Please give viiews. Thanks
  4. I want to swap two divs. <div> <div id="div1">Div One</div> <div id="div2">Div Two</div> </div> I want the result as follows: <div> <div id="div2">Div Two</div> <div id="div1">Div One</div> </div> Please help me. Thanks.
  5. You can send, but it will need some HTML tricks like window.open('mailto:test@example.com?subject=subject&body=body'); or See here.
  6. Very Greate this site is W3schools. I love it. Here is something you should look for HTML tutorials as well.
  7. use tr:nth-of-type(odd){ background-color: #CCFFFF} and tr:nth-of-type(even){ background-color: #FFFFCC}
  8. How can someone answer without seeing the html code?
  9. I am designing a website which is responsive with css3 media queries. As we know that css3 is not supported in ie8 or less. So what should be the strategy for me to handle the website in ie8 or less. Thanks
  10. I am using Dreamweaver for a long time. It is one of the best in the business.
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