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  1. Wish I knew of something that did convert. I stumbled upon a bit of code that was quite useful and have been trying to build from there. Thank you for your post, you are right about G91and I will be digging in to that tonight.
  2. Hi, I am building some javascript calculators that must calculate according to an excel doc with formulas ; ie, (it must have same answers as excel sheet). I am fairly new at javascript but have gotten pretty far. The problem that im having is that the answers that my javscript calculators are producing arent exactly the same as the Excel formulas. (but very close) Example: Javascript Calculator- https://wzsdesign.com/WebTemplWP1/cal6.html Excel Formulas- If you take a look at the link with the javascript calculator and input the same numbers as the screen shot you will notice that there a small differences in the answers. Can someone please help?
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