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  1. I have build a website http://www.turboflame.se in wordpress and I can't find what is wrong. It looks great in the most web browsers except for Internet Explorer version 9. I have attached two images that shows what is wrong and correct. Could anyone find what its wrong?
  2. How do you do when you test a website for other web browsers. Is there some tools for that or is the manual way the best?
  3. Thanks for your answer. I tried to add that in the .htaccess but that did not work. Where in the apache server is it that i put that code? In the virtual host file? As a backup plan it could be enough to get the right filename when I "Save target as". Now I don't get the .vpd in the filename on Internet Explorer. How do I do that?
  4. I mean that when a user clicks on the link it should not open in web browser. It should be downloaded as it does in Chrome, FF and Safari
  5. How do I write a download link that forced download in Internet Explorer? I have this link and it works perfect in Chrome, Safari and Firefox bit in IE it opens the file. <a href="/files/CTC.vpd" download="CTC.vpd">Ladda ned uppdatering här (för Internet Explorer högerklicka och välj spara mål som)</a> Anyone knows?
  6. OK, thanks for your answer. Then I maybe should consider to change the design instead.
  7. Is there a way make a alert for visitors with to old browser ?
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