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  1. I'd love to be writing a reply in here saying I've solved this but not joy. No one out there in the forum has any suggestins then?I've looked into just opening the file as a string. I'm familiar with string manipulation etc and could parse this small file myself into a form and do the same back and save the file. However, each php file function I tried $html = implode('', file("test.xml")); OR echo file_get_contents("test.xml"); (this will work if I take out the xml tags and just have plain text in the file) would not load the file as it has xml code so I'm back to looking at this meth
  2. I've searched through the tutorials etc but all seem to give examples of looping through elements. Also the xml file that I'm trying to use, small and all that it is, isn't perhaps formed the best way anyway but I'm stuck with the format because it is called from a flash swf that cannot be edited. I'm trying to make a simple online form that loads an xml file (using php) to edit 'news' where each newsitem has a headline and then newstext (it also has a newsdate but that is no longer used) Here is an example of the xml and you can see that each element has three attributes.---------<
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