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  1. Eventhough you replied that your client likes the color scheme I need to tell you that I am a visual artist and be careful using pure red and pure blue next to eachother especially in equal amounts. It causes a visual vibration which is very hard to look at. I also agree that the site is visually uninteresting. I do not mean to offend but if I was looking for a company such as this one and I found this website I would not find myself interested in it. Perhaps, as an artist I need to see something prettier and perhaps more visually professional rather than a here-today-gone-tomorrow company
  2. Becareful using too light of colors for the text on the light background. The light green is a little harder too read than I would suggest. However, I also suggest to not use pure black text on a pure white background as it can cause eyestrain. I actually prefer dark background with light text because looking at a screen is like looking at a light bulb and the more that is darker the less strain it causes. But, anyways, I would consider darkening the green text on the light background.
  3. The color scheme looks fine until you get to the drop down menu. However, picking such a limited color scheme - black & yellow - makes it difficult when using drop down menus. I have also run into this problem. I am also a visual artist painting landscapes in pastels and find it visually unappealing when the brown and orange appear. My advice is to either add some of those colors onto the page elsewhere or change those colors to something that is already used on the page. It just looks visually unappealing to me. Others may not even notice.
  4. Your site looks nice and clean but appears visually to look like a template. I think it needs to be visually creative. It needs some bells and whistles to showcase what you can do. Grab their attention. I am new to modern web design (after a 12 year break) but I can tell you this: people's attention is captured first visually with the bells and whistles and then kept through content, ability to navigate easily, etc which are the high points of your site. But what grabs them and stops them from moving on to the next site the moment they get to your site? What sets your site appart from others t
  5. This has been suggested before but I would like to comment as a recent topic. I belive that w3schools has some of the best resources that I have found on the web and would love to see it as an App for my iPod - something that I could reference the syntax of HTML tags, CSS selectors, JavaScript objects, etc. while I am working without having to leave what I am doing to open my browser, locate it on the w3schools website and then compare it back and forth with what I am doing. I use other apps that serve this purpose for me to some degree but I still find myself forced to go back to w3school
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