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  1. We are using version 2021.1 of Intellij and we have migrated our project from Tomcat 8 to Tomcat 10. This results in replacing javax.servlet to jakarta.servlet packages in our code. We updated the version to 5.0 in web.xml file but it still seems to consider the old javax version. How can we resolve this error shown in the attached screenshot?
  2. Our website is promarketsearch.com which is hosted on a tomcat server and has SSL enabled, The SSL certificate was generated from ZeroSSL.com. The website is accessible over HTTPS and the certificate details are also valid when viewed in Chrome, but when we try to make requests from Postman with the setting "Enable SSL certificate verification" turned on, it shows us this error "unable to verify the first certificate." We don't want to turn off this setting and would prefer to resolve the issue that is causing this error.Assistance is greatly appreciated
  3. Our site is currently under development and hosted on local host, so we don't have an example, but we would like to be able to hide the preview image and root URL that shows up in a text message when the site is sent via text message. Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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