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  1. Hi there, I'm back with one that would again considered a pretty obvious question. I hope not to be too annoying but, on the other hand, I guess it will be easy for you to address this little problem. Let's say I have a link with id="goo" and I want it to be opened in another tab and leave the current tab unchanged (kinda like doing right click -> open in new tab). And I want to use listeners not handlers. So that's my code so far: var linkEst ={ init:function() { var link = document.getElementById("goo") if(typeof link.addEventListener != "undefined") {
  2. Oh yes thanks that was more of a typo, will modify accordingly. As for your first sentence, what do you mean by accurate?
  3. I'm sorry if, to many of you, this would seem like an obvious question, but I haven't been able to find a satisfying answer yet. Consider this piece of code; <button onclick="myFunction()"> Type A<button onclick="function(){myFunction()}"> Type B The first one calles the function, the second calls a function that, inside it, calles myFunction. I have notices sometimes type A and B both work, sometimes only one of them works, but I haven't been able to understand why exactly. Also applicable to: var x = document.getElementById("example")x.onclick=m
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