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  1. Hi Gurus ! Just as Justsomeguy mentioned, It is indeed the session_regenerate_id() function that is causing the logout problems on my website. Would it mean that all websites that use session_regenerate_id() would log out the user if say he/she pressed and kept pressed the F5 key ( refresh ) on the keyboard?? Other than multi-clicking the same button, my website logs me out if i keep pressed the refresh button for just a little while. If not so, then does it mean that there is a way in which we can use the session_regenerate_id() and take care of this problem of getting logge
  2. Hi justsomeguy, Thanks loads for that insight. I will now look along those lines and maybe i'll be able to locate the problem. I'ld like to mention though that in almost all the tutorials that I looked up on the net, they have one of the first line in the php page that says "session_start" followed by session_regenerate_id(). And this is on all the pages that are linked to the main page. So if a user visits one of the links on a page, the first few top lines of that page would have the "session _start" and "session_regenerate_id". So every time the page runs through itself or is refres
  3. Hi all ! I am facing this very weird problem of unexpected and unnatural log out when I double click either the menu buttons or the form buttons. I am using a jquery slider login panel to login users but i have been plagued with this problem where they are logged out as mentioned. I have been struggling to find the cause of for almost a week now without success. This behavior can be seen at my website whose link is www.bestbet.bugs3.com/club/demo.php. The user id and password is "Itsme " & bcf134. I would be grateful if any of the gurus can take a look at it and help me solv
  4. Thanks dsonesuk, I'll try this one and revert. Is there any way to neutralize the keyboard drawback? Thanks again.
  5. Please I hope someone can help solve this with an example. Thanks desonesuk, for the explanation. This ofcourse I understood but thought maybe you were trying to say something else as well. I await some to do this as an exercise with an example. The main problem that i have is , as already mentioned, trying to find the correct button using jquery and disabling the concerned button alone instead of all the buttons being affected. And so far as i know there is no if else that can be used in jquery. Requesting the gurus for their guiding light. Thanks all !
  6. Hi guys ! Thanks for the inputs so far. Haiden what you are suggesting is absolutely correct except that I don;t know how to select the correct submit button that was clicked. As far as I have read, there is no if else loops in jquery for then I would have polled the various submit buttons to check the one that was clicked. The buttons can also be polled by their name ( i tried that) so if they have unique names and I could somehow use an if else statement I could have found the correct button that was clicked. It's important to submit the form as well which must be submitted before the a
  7. Well that's because I would like to keep it mostly HTML. Besides the event handler can also be written for Input. Instead of button we can then use Input['type=submit'] or input['name = up']. However its the actual handler that I am asking help for. Can you show me how it could be done even for buttons. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have this problem where there are 3 buttons on a form called up, edit, down. <input type="Submit" name = "up" value="Up"> <input type="Submit" name = "edit" value="Edit"> <input type="Submit" name = "down" value="Down"> What I wish to do using jquery is : a) submit the form. Then find out which of these buttons was pressed, disable it for a short duration and display a "wait" sign on that button. I hope someone can show me how this can be achieved. Thanks for any help on this to all.
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