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    I just love computer programming and website design.
    SPACEUPORIA is my long, awaited Dream Website Masterpiece!
    I also love animals very, very much. I have a dog named Mogie, and a really nice 35g fish Aquarium.

    I created my whole, entire website through W3Schools. I just love this site...

    Welcome to SPACEUPHORIA. The website where everything is possible! Suitable for all-ages. Get ready to jump in the universe and travel much faster than the slow speed of light!

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  1. I've tried to get out of Google plus, I don't use it, and I had to forfeit my own videos because this this. If any webmasters go to my website, please don't be too surprized that my videos don't work, or will show private. I may not be able to continue placing my own videos onto my site. So some things are going to be out of service to viewers, who might come to my boring, drab site. I can't win them all. I just built it for my Mom anyway. I'm not business minded at all,. Not at all, so take my autistic site as it is. lol Just enjoy it anyway. Regardless of colour or drab look. It's what's in it is what counts the most. It's just simply me. It has Asperger's syndrome just like me lol The great news is, I've learned I have a high safety rate, of 90 percent. So I can't be that bad of a drab coloured website. It's an honest website, designed for humanity to restore our dreams and there are just some things, money just can't ever buy. And there are just some things, which shouldn't ever be sold. To those, who do come to my website, everything is virtually free. No catch 22's. Ooops!! There is. All you have to do is simply enjoy it. That's the only catch 22. Even if you don't enjoy it, it's still free to all humanity.,.,. Thank you all
  2. <style>p.margin{margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;margin-right:25px;margin-left:25px;}</style><p class="margin int1">Climb aboard the <span class="class1"><a title="" target="_self" href="http://spaceuphoria.com/interstellar%20one.html">Interstellar One</a></span> and travel much faster than the slow speed of light! Let my interstellar imagination turn your computer into an interstellar star ship and travel far beyond the depths of your very own imagination. I hope you enjoy your visit here at SPACEUPHORIA; everything is possible!</p></div> Is there a way to make hover links work with CSS margin Settings, and div tag conflict on me too, when I want to use coloured hover, hyperlinks. I hope someone can help me fix my bug problem.
  3. I'm converting all that. I didn't know how to set the old way with the fonts. But I'm replacing all my fake text. lol Some graphics text is part of the look and the feel, but the other way of the text was just something to stabilize my website's text, until I got better with CSS, which I will use the control all my fonts. Yes, I do see a whole whack of changes, I have to make. give a about a good month, and I won't look too bad anymore. I wanted to create something different, but I do want my real fonts, so others can copy my text, if they like. I would love to know, if I can create a logical header instead of it being on my website. I need that for my weird title, being my visual header, or whatever. Thanks for your help. I do see my problem. I will fix it over some quick time to half rebuild my website. Some of my titles have to remain as graphics, so my website will maintain its space age layout.......
  4. I really wanted to make and keep my own images. I do most of them out of ping images now. I use gif, only to animate things, or make some of my weird graphic text out of gif to make it light up brighter. But ping is nicer, but I have to worry about the user being able to get to my website fast. I do have flash animations and such; all my own things. All I did was to make the site more fun, was to find weird youtube videos of anything weird to do with Aliens, UFO stuff and giant bugs and things. Some youtube stuff is my own things. Other than that, I want to remain keeping my own images, even if they aren't crystal clear in some of my images, I do now and then replace them as I build better and better all the time. So, I feel if I keep my own stuff, it makes my website, totally unique and purposely very different from the way most are laid out. So I wanted it to be as different as me. I don't mean anything to do with being gifted, or that. I just simply wanted to create a horse with a different colour, but I also want true, blue Webmasters to help me, such as you and the other teacher, who've helped me very much. I consider you as a teacher, even if you're not. You sure taught me something, which revolutionized my whole website.. I have to stead-faster ever more, than ever before, as the one teacher said to me. I NEED TO IMPROVE! And that's exactly why I'm here. I want to become a true, blue Webmaster, just like you guys are, no matter how younger or older. It's the learner, not the age. Just seek and seek and seek, and yah shall find! That's all I can ever do to achieve my own website design glory. I have to do this for my Mom. I sure owe her that much in me. She ventured way out into spaceuphoria, way before I ever got to go there myself to realize she was dead right! I'm taking W3shool to my ultimate maximum learning, as much as I truly can, with others here, such as yourself, myself. I sure hope that someday, I will be able to teach others here.... I can't wait to go there someday. First, I need to be taught, as well as learning out of this website, we use. I love them try-it-yourself pages. I call them LABS. They work great for making code work. I then take the lab to my actual website and do live learned and hard earned experience, using my brain and my imagination in the very same instance. This is a very honest website. Whoever made this website had a mind full of generosity to help others teach themselves about anything to do with website development. I come here all the time. My website was created from its LABS. And they are free to use. Free education here, and all you need is a computer and some drive to strive. I'm building my entire website out of here, until the cows come home! And that's all there is to it! Thank you Dave for stopping buy, and your input is much appreciated. The images must remain my own, but I am getting better at making them look more real as time goes on. I'm a cave man right now. lol I have to learn to create a lot of things still. Especially the turn over from html 4 now html 5, just hit back in 2012, and I was still a cave man then. But give me time to evolve and just watch it happen, as I break away from the old dinosaur.
  5. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><title>WARP CORE (JMD)</title><style>body {}.font1{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 14pt;text-align: justify;}.font2{color: #00ffff;font-family: verdana;font-size: 14pt;text-align: center;}.font3{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 16pt;text-align: right;}.font4{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 13.5pt;text-align: center;}.font5{color: #00ffff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 30pt;text-align: center;}.font6{color: #00ffff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 12pt;text-align: center;}.font7{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 13pt;text-align: justify;}.font8{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 16pt;text-align: center;}</style><style type="text/css">p.int1{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int2{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 1;margin-bottom: 0}p.int3{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 1;margin-bottom: 0}p.int5{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 1;margin-bottom: 0}p.int6{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int7{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 0}p.int8{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 1;margin-bottom: 0}p.int9{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}</style><style type="text/css">body {scrollbar-arrow-color: #ff00ff;scrollbar-face-color: #ff00ff;scrollbar-track-color: #000000;}</style><script>button1up = new Image; button1up.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Home-Turquoise-2.gif";button1down = new Image; button1down.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Home-Purple-2.gif";button2up = new Image; button2up.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/SPACEUPHORIA-Turquoise.gif";button2down = new Image; button2down.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/SPACEUPHORIA-Purple.gif";button3up = new Image; button3up.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/2D-Digital-Wonders-Turquoise.gif";button3down = new Image; button3down.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/2D-Digital-Wonders-Purple.gif";button4up = new Image; button4up.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/3D-Digital-Wonders-Turquois.gif";button4down = new Image; button4down.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/3D-Digital-Wonders-Purple.gif";button5up = new Image; button5up.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Concept-Wonders-Turquoise.gif";button5down = new Image; button5down.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Concept-Wonders-Purple.gif";button6up = new Image; button6up.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Recorded-Energy-Turquoise.gif";button6down = new Image; button6down.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Recorded-Energy-Purple.gif";button7up = new Image; button7up.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Warp-Core-Turquoise.gif";button7down = new Image; button7down.src = "images/Website%20Buttons/Warp-Core-Purple.gif";function MouseOverRoutine(ButtonName){if (ButtonName=="button1"){document.button1.src = button1down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button2"){document.button2.src = button2down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button3"){document.button3.src = button3down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button4"){document.button4.src = button4down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button5"){document.button5.src = button5down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button6"){document.button6.src = button6down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button7"){document.button7.src = button7down.src;}}function MouseOutRoutine(ButtonName){if (ButtonName=="button1"){document.button1.src = button1up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button2"){document.button2.src = button2up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button3"){document.button3.src = button3up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button4"){document.button4.src = button4up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button5"){document.button5.src = button5up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button6"){document.button6.src = button6up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button7"){document.button7.src = button7up.src;}}</script></head><body background="http://spaceuphoria.com/images/Website%20images/Deep_Space_Webpage_Background_2.jpg" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#000000" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">I'm still using the old way to colour the background, until I Full-Out go CSS. I do have the code for it, but the layout of my present day design is too primitive for it right now. Ever since, I came to this website, to join it. I also came to this forum, not too long ago. So far this is what I have learned from good teachers:) In only a few days at that. Thanks guys:)) Here's what I had learned so far all in the actual code. I show the head section and the new way I now do my fonts. I'm still practising full CSS table layout, similar to my website's weird layout. Not seen in here yet. I'm still very new, only about two and a half years into website creation, even just my own. It's just pure fun to do. I just let my imagination go all out on it. All this code is the brain to one of my website pages. My Mom's page is the first one to be fully CSS driven fonts. I always had the java script and flash stuff, which work my buttons and my hover links alike. This brain all goes right inside the head tag. Note: Commands, like the scrollbar colour code won't work in most browsers, but the instruction is skipped as if it weren't there at all. The div tag is another very new thing, I picked up from a good teacher. I use the div tag to drive my fonts to work right. I have to place the class font x command and so on, and then place my paragraph right underneath it, then another div tag like this </div> to close the command to work right........... </p></div> is how they say it's done. lol <div> is a container, and I now know what that means..
  6. My Mom once spoke to me about a website I had, eleven years before I ever created such a website to go live. At the time, I just thought she was dreaming about crazy things because of the cancer and the morphine. Three days before she passed away, she clearly seen my website, which wasn't ever a thought in my mind. This is what she saw. I have lots to learn here. I'm not here showing my website because I want harsh criticism. I'm actually trying to re do all my website in CSS, as well as my java script functions and my Flash stuff.. I'm converting slowly over to html 5, and converting to CSS, until I can layout my whole website in CSS. And I wanted to show it off, because I can in here. I am proud of it, even if it does deserve harsh criticism; whether it be my unique layout, or the way it's software driven. I have to play catch up really fast in that department. I put all my heart, head and hard work into it.. I sure hope visitors will come to it, no matter how it's made. I did put a lot of learning hours into it through W3Schools. This is an awesome website, and inspires new website developers, such as myself! I'm completely new here, and very new to website design; just not that new with computers. Anyway, I just wanted to create a blog, more less showing my ideas and concepts. So I made it totally a space age themed website. The visitor can actually walk right inside my imagination and he, she will start to walk a little more inside their own. When I created this website, it took over 12 years to make all the pieces, even, after going live back in February 23, 2011.I'm still building and adding and learning lots about website development, and just all out having the time of my life, creating this website, which my Mom, somehow saw me create, eleven years later, way into my distant future! The space background, is actually dirty, yucky dishwater. I used photo shop to make the channel hues make the dirty water be a space age look. I did it all by accident, and loved it. Thanks to dirty, soapy water, I created my own space art. Now you know how my universe was created. lol Anyway, here is my ultimate website masterpiece. SPACEUPHORIA. Everything is possible! Suitable for all ages. Get ready to jump in the universe and travel much faster than the slow speed of light! www.spaceuphoria.com Welcome to SPACEUPHORIA. The website where everything is possible! I sure hope you enjoy yourself!
  7. I'm very new here, and I just made my own website. called www.spaceuphoria.com It's just a fancy blog site, is all. I did this all through learning what I could about old html, to changing over to new html 5, and CSS from w3schools. I'm very new at developing my website, as in understanding Cascading style sheets, and html, with a bit of java scripts, like buttons and such. I, however did use tables, I eventually want to keep my same look and feel appeal, but I want my layout to be CSS, when I can fully master CSS. Someone suggested I come here, but I know I'm far from being a professional. I just love the ability, I do have with teaching myself and this website's help in that hand department. Anyway, if there are people here, who created this w3schools website. It's an awesome free educational site for scientists at that. I use this site and ask in forums what to do, how can I someday look like and be a professional, and I will need quite some time to get that far..... I just wanted to criticize the school.. I placed their add onto my website to show my support....
  8. I know about how most browsers won't pick up the look of the scrollbar, but some just might. lol I was looking for a command like that, but instead of the scrollbar, I could colour someone's browser grey parts. I thought I could make that custom, as long as someone, like you said, has IE. Netscape doesn't do a fixed background either on a user's computer. I use IE browser. I thought there was a neat program code to make the browser, like what I did with the scrollbar. I kept it, just in case someone ever goes to my website, and sees it.......
  9. Hi. I'm looking for a way to make my website to control the browser's colour scheme, such as I did with the scrollbar. I made it black and cyan. Can I make my website do the same thing to the grey browser parts? Like my scrollbar, I want it to be Cyan, instead of grey. Is there a way to do that? The scrollbar works neat; it brings the visitor right into the website, not just onto it.. I want the browser to give them that much more unique experience to feel like they are right inside the website......
  10. I've been changing all my fonts on all my web pages to CSS. I'm eventually going to rebuild in CSS, as I convert more and more of the website, including my classic layout. I have to have that similar look and feel appeal. It will be one of the last things, I do in CSS to fully make my website like that. To those, who helped me. My head codes are all getting font settings, and so far they work wonders. Warp core and Guidelines are the first to get CSS fonts only. I can now replace the stupid graphics picture writing back to the real text. I kept that thank God.. Anyway, I'm doing good actually with converting so far...
  11. <style type="text/css">body {scrollbar-arrow-color: #00ffff;scrollbar-face-color: #00ffff;scrollbar-track-color: #000000;}</style><style>body{background-image:url('http://spaceuphoria.com/images/Website%20images/Deep_Space_Webpage_Background_2.jpg');background-color:#000000;background-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;background-position: center;}</style><style type="text/css"></style>I've done my first background, and scrollbar in pure CSS. This is my website's futurerestoration codes. These commands will help me, not only restore my website into total CSS, but I have a really cool cyan scrollbar look and feel appeal to the website's future........ I've really been working hard from here to learn to do this stuff up above, on my own to put different pieces together. I'm new at this, and I have a lot of hard work well ahead of me....... I hope I achieve it. ... CSS tables are next to rebuild. However, I did remember to open and close tags. Styles won't work with one another, if you don't close each of them that you make. Anything like that. I did remember to open and close tags all the time. <p> was <p><font>, </p></font>. Now it's just <p>Hi Tommy. This is how it's done</P>. I have to revamp really hard and steadfast...
  12. I simply have to reconstruct my whole website over time. First, I'm going to keep learning the CSS, and HTML 5. I'm going to go on, like I have been. Just learn, learn, as much as possible out of here. and I will rebuild my whole website in stages. I will set the very last stage, where I make external CSS style sheet pages, for my font settings and such. I basically have to re teach myself all over again, and rebuild my website all over again. But I will make it look better, and brighter, than ever before. I have a lot of work too far ahead of me, but I'm not going to give up that easy either..... My Mom's dream she saw me do was create my website.
  13. I'm using one of your center div table commands as a future back drop table to hide my space background to give the page my space age look. The table is 1301 px in width, I have enough room to actually place my futuristic scrollbar. I'm playing with that table code you gave me. Can I use that to continue my unique look and feel? The space ship has to stay. lol are these table codes acceptable to web developers? If so, I'm on right track now...... I hope?
  14. That's one of the things I did learn out of here, was using the note pad and naming the exertion txt, something of that nature. Then you open it up in the browser t check it. It opens as the browser internet. I use that, but I have live server. So I can do dummy pages, like I do with experimenting.. I'm just new to the wide range of html and CSS, but I'm making it do more and more as I learn. I use my server host to do my experiments. It's faster for me to see my work and edit on the fly. I have used the note pad one, so I could keep fresh backups of my website. Now I have to see how the new tables create, as I re create them and my font tag is gone and a lot of things are gone, and I have to get on to them right away....... Right away........... I need the space age look. It' crazy, but I sure love it.. My Mom is the reason why it exists. She saw it way before I ever dreamed of creating what she saw in her third, last day of life. Eleven years later, after nine years of making the look and feel. I had the faith that she saw something, I would do way into the future. I did all my own artwork and my own theories and concepts. I have poetry on it too, and I had to create this in nine years, and I've only been three years, heavily everyday, working on this website to make it become real............. I did it for my Mom and now, I have to keep it going for ne now, I see what I'm up against. I have much work cut out for me. I can't let this thing die on me............... Not while I'm alive...... I'm going to keep that code above. you might have helped me more than I can ever thank you, and Dave. You might have saved my website:))))
  15. <head><title>SPACEUPHORIA</title><link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" /><meta name="description" content="Welcome to SPACEUPHORIA. The website where everything is possible! Suitable for all-ages. Get ready to jump in the universe and travel much faster than the slow speed of light!" /><meta name="keywords" content="Science,Imagination,Inspiration,Wonder,Dreams,Aliens,Poetry,Concept Wonders,3D Images,2D Images" /><style>body {}.font1{color: #00ffff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 13pt;text-align: justify;}.font2{color: #00ffff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 14pt;text-align: justify;}.font3{color: #00ffff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 18pt;text-align: right;}</style><style type="text/css">p.int1{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 1;margin-bottom: 0}p.int2{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 1;margin-bottom: 0}p.int3{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int4{text-indent:5px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int5{text-indent:5px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 1}p.int6{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int7{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int8{text-indent:20px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int9{text-indent:20px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int10{text-indent:20px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int11{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 1;margin-bottom: 0}.class1 a:link {color:#00ffff;text-decoration: none}.class1 a:visited {text-decoration: none}.class1 a:visited {color:#00ffff;}.class1 a:hover {color:#ff00ff;}.class1 a:hover {text-decoration: underline}.class1 a:active {color:#ffffff;}.class2 a:link {color:#ff0000;text-decoration: none}.class2 a:visited {text-decoration: none}.class2 a:visited {color:#ff0000;}.class2 a:hover {color:#FF9900;}.class2 a:hover {text-decoration: underline}.class2 a:active {color:#FFFF00;}.class3 a:hover {color:#ffffff;}</style><script>button1up = new Image; button1up.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/Home-2.gif";button1down = new Image; button1down.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/Home-3.gif";button2up = new Image; button2up.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/Website-Guidelines-2.gif";button2down = new Image; button2down.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/Website-Guidelines-3.gif";button3up = new Image; button3up.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/WEBMASTER-2.gif";button3down = new Image; button3down.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/WEBMASTER-3.gif";button4up = new Image; button4up.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/About-JCR-2.gif";button4down = new Image; button4down.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/About-JCR-3.gif";button5up = new Image; button5up.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/Joeys-Documentary-2.gif";button5down = new Image; button5down.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/Joeys-Documentary-3.gif";button6up = new Image; button6up.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/INTERSTELLAR-ONE-2.gif";button6down = new Image; button6down.src = "images/Hover%20Buttons/INTERSTELLAR-ONE-3.gif";button7up = new Image; button7up.src = "images/Website%20images/Logo.gif";button7down = new Image; button7down.src = "images/Website%20images/Logo-Dance.gif";function MouseOverRoutine(ButtonName){if (ButtonName=="button1"){document.button1.src = button1down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button2"){document.button2.src = button2down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button3"){document.button3.src = button3down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button4"){document.button4.src = button4down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button5"){document.button5.src = button5down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button6"){document.button6.src = button6down.src;}if (ButtonName=="button7"){document.button7.src = button7down.src;}}function MouseOutRoutine(ButtonName){if (ButtonName=="button1"){document.button1.src = button1up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button2"){document.button2.src = button2up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button3"){document.button3.src = button3up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button4"){document.button4.src = button4up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button5"){document.button5.src = button5up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button6"){document.button6.src = button6up.src;}if (ButtonName=="button7"){document.button7.src = button7up.src;}}</script></head>New web page example, using the scrollbar colour codes inside the head tag.<head><title>"RED WARNING SIGN"</title><style type="text/css">body {scrollbar-arrow-color: #ff0000;scrollbar-face-color: #ff0000;scrollbar-track-color: #000000;}</style><style type="text/css">p.int1{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int2{text-indent:10px;margin-bottom: 0}p.int3{text-indent:10px;}p.int4{text-indent:10px;margin-top: 0}p.int5{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0}p.int6{text-indent:0px;}p.int7{text-indent:0px;margin-top: 10;margin-bottom: 0}.class1 a:link {color:#00ffff;text-decoration: none}.class1 a:visited {text-decoration: none}.class1 a:visited {color:#00ffff;}.class1 a:hover {color:#ff00ff;}.class1 a:hover {text-decoration: underline}.class1 a:active {color:#ffffff;}.class2 a:link {color:#ff0000;text-decoration: underline}.class2 a:visited {text-decoration: underline}.class2 a:visited {color:#ff0000;}.class2 a:hover {color:#FF9900;}.class2 a:hover {text-decoration: underline}.class2 a:active {color:#FFFF00;}</style><script>button1up = new Image; button1up.src = "images/Website%20images/Spaceuphoria%20Turquiose.gif";button1down = new Image; button1down.src = "images/Website%20images/Spaceuphoria%20Pink.gif";function MouseOverRoutine(ButtonName){if (ButtonName=="button1"){document.button1.src = button1down.src;}}function MouseOutRoutine(ButtonName){if (ButtonName=="button1"){document.button1.src = button1up.src;}}</script></head> If anyone wants to make buttons and hover links in their websites, Here are some really neat commands I've learned from here. All the int functions work well. I just have some int commands over time, which set margins the same. But I also can use these extra ones just in case I need another int command somewhere else. I've also placed my brand new font codes in the head tag too. I call this the brain of my website, which pretty much controls my whole website's pages, from font command settings, to buttons and hover buttons to hover links. I have a scrollbar colour code command too, not shown here. I used an outer table in my website, so the scrollbar command would squish my pages and make them go all funny layouts. I do have this feature on my animal rights page, because I never used an outer table to hide a space background. So the commands work great there and nothing gets squished up. The scrollbar command does make the scrollbars just a few pixels fatter, but as long as you don't have an outer table, such as I do, then the commands work really neat. They are under this program example. Just place the code in the head section, and make sure you type <style type="text/css"> and always stop a style, before you use a new one like this </style>. If you don't use the closed style command, you won't be able to make all your styles work. You have to close one, before you can make another one work properly. As in my example, all my styles also get closed up, so I can make more of them and make them work all at once together. That much, I did learn out of this website. lol I hope this can help anyone down the road. I just learned bits and pieces and eventually did all this. You can simply rename the button images to whatever button image names you create. The commands appear to all work in my website. Some older browsers won't be able to do some of the new html 5 features. The scrollbar commands don't work on older browsers, and Netscape won't show a fixed space background, but a scrolling one instead. Some things here won't work in earlier browsers, or browsers, which won't support some of the new html features. So play with this code and see what you can make it do for you, Does anyone have any really cool code stuff, I could use? I am still very new to CSS and HTML and Java script too. So far, I love the features, and some features do work better with others. If one feature isn't what you want, but you like the way it works, then go with a combination of things to make your special features work. I've needed CSS to do superior font control, I've need java script actions to make buttons look like they click. But most important of all. I needed YOU to help me all the more................ Thank you............... Rome wasn't built in one day. My website won't be built in one day either. Good things take time to cook up. It's good people, who help shape such things into light, much quicker than meets the eye. Two people have greatly improved my website, and I felt hurt, but at the same time, I was headed for a font milestone. So, I'm not so hurt after all. I will build and get much stronger, because I always ask for intelligence, when at one time, I wasn't supposed to have any at all. People, animals. They've helped me out a lot. Even while getting hurt, sometimes beaten down. I get up, just to get kicked in the face again. Yet, I've rebuilt things in me, that others could see. Here I am!)
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