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    I just love computer programming and website design.
    SPACEUPORIA is my long, awaited Dream Website Masterpiece!
    I also love animals very, very much. I have a dog named Mogie, and a really nice 35g fish Aquarium.

    I created my whole, entire website through W3Schools. I just love this site...

    Welcome to SPACEUPHORIA. The website where everything is possible! Suitable for all-ages. Get ready to jump in the universe and travel much faster than the slow speed of light!
  1. I've tried to get out of Google plus, I don't use it, and I had to forfeit my own videos because this this. If any webmasters go to my website, please don't be too surprized that my videos don't work, or will show private. I may not be able to continue placing my own videos onto my site. So some things are going to be out of service to viewers, who might come to my boring, drab site. I can't win them all. I just built it for my Mom anyway. I'm not business minded at all,. Not at all, so take my autistic site as it is. lol Just enjoy it anyway. Regardless of colour or drab look. It's what's in
  2. <style>p.margin{margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;margin-right:25px;margin-left:25px;}</style><p class="margin int1">Climb aboard the <span class="class1"><a title="" target="_self" href="http://spaceuphoria.com/interstellar%20one.html">Interstellar One</a></span> and travel much faster than the slow speed of light! Let my interstellar imagination turn your computer into an interstellar star ship and travel far beyond the depths of your very own imagination. I hope you enjoy your visit here at SPACEUPHORIA; everything is possible!</p></div>
  3. I'm converting all that. I didn't know how to set the old way with the fonts. But I'm replacing all my fake text. lol Some graphics text is part of the look and the feel, but the other way of the text was just something to stabilize my website's text, until I got better with CSS, which I will use the control all my fonts. Yes, I do see a whole whack of changes, I have to make. give a about a good month, and I won't look too bad anymore. I wanted to create something different, but I do want my real fonts, so others can copy my text, if they like. I would love to know, if I can create a logica
  4. I really wanted to make and keep my own images. I do most of them out of ping images now. I use gif, only to animate things, or make some of my weird graphic text out of gif to make it light up brighter. But ping is nicer, but I have to worry about the user being able to get to my website fast. I do have flash animations and such; all my own things. All I did was to make the site more fun, was to find weird youtube videos of anything weird to do with Aliens, UFO stuff and giant bugs and things. Some youtube stuff is my own things. Other than that, I want to remain keeping my own images, even i
  5. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><title>WARP CORE (JMD)</title><style>body {}.font1{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 14pt;text-align: justify;}.font2{color: #00ffff;font-family: verdana;font-size: 14pt;text-align: center;}.font3{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 16pt;text-align: right;}.font4{color: #ff00ff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 13.5pt;text-align: center;}.font5{color: #00ffff;font-famil
  6. My Mom once spoke to me about a website I had, eleven years before I ever created such a website to go live. At the time, I just thought she was dreaming about crazy things because of the cancer and the morphine. Three days before she passed away, she clearly seen my website, which wasn't ever a thought in my mind. This is what she saw. I have lots to learn here. I'm not here showing my website because I want harsh criticism. I'm actually trying to re do all my website in CSS, as well as my java script functions and my Flash stuff.. I'm converting slowly over to html 5, and converting to CSS,
  7. I'm very new here, and I just made my own website. called www.spaceuphoria.com It's just a fancy blog site, is all. I did this all through learning what I could about old html, to changing over to new html 5, and CSS from w3schools. I'm very new at developing my website, as in understanding Cascading style sheets, and html, with a bit of java scripts, like buttons and such. I, however did use tables, I eventually want to keep my same look and feel appeal, but I want my layout to be CSS, when I can fully master CSS. Someone suggested I come here, but I know I'm far from being a professional. I
  8. I know about how most browsers won't pick up the look of the scrollbar, but some just might. lol I was looking for a command like that, but instead of the scrollbar, I could colour someone's browser grey parts. I thought I could make that custom, as long as someone, like you said, has IE. Netscape doesn't do a fixed background either on a user's computer. I use IE browser. I thought there was a neat program code to make the browser, like what I did with the scrollbar. I kept it, just in case someone ever goes to my website, and sees it.......
  9. Hi. I'm looking for a way to make my website to control the browser's colour scheme, such as I did with the scrollbar. I made it black and cyan. Can I make my website do the same thing to the grey browser parts? Like my scrollbar, I want it to be Cyan, instead of grey. Is there a way to do that? The scrollbar works neat; it brings the visitor right into the website, not just onto it.. I want the browser to give them that much more unique experience to feel like they are right inside the website......
  10. I've been changing all my fonts on all my web pages to CSS. I'm eventually going to rebuild in CSS, as I convert more and more of the website, including my classic layout. I have to have that similar look and feel appeal. It will be one of the last things, I do in CSS to fully make my website like that. To those, who helped me. My head codes are all getting font settings, and so far they work wonders. Warp core and Guidelines are the first to get CSS fonts only. I can now replace the stupid graphics picture writing back to the real text. I kept that thank God.. Anyway, I'm doing good actually
  11. <style type="text/css">body {scrollbar-arrow-color: #00ffff;scrollbar-face-color: #00ffff;scrollbar-track-color: #000000;}</style><style>body{background-image:url('http://spaceuphoria.com/images/Website%20images/Deep_Space_Webpage_Background_2.jpg');background-color:#000000;background-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;background-position: center;}</style><style type="text/css"></style>I've done my first background, and scrollbar in pure CSS. This is my website's futurerestoration codes. These commands will help me, not only restore my website into total CSS
  12. I simply have to reconstruct my whole website over time. First, I'm going to keep learning the CSS, and HTML 5. I'm going to go on, like I have been. Just learn, learn, as much as possible out of here. and I will rebuild my whole website in stages. I will set the very last stage, where I make external CSS style sheet pages, for my font settings and such. I basically have to re teach myself all over again, and rebuild my website all over again. But I will make it look better, and brighter, than ever before. I have a lot of work too far ahead of me, but I'm not going to give up that easy ei
  13. I'm using one of your center div table commands as a future back drop table to hide my space background to give the page my space age look. The table is 1301 px in width, I have enough room to actually place my futuristic scrollbar. I'm playing with that table code you gave me. Can I use that to continue my unique look and feel? The space ship has to stay. lol are these table codes acceptable to web developers? If so, I'm on right track now...... I hope?
  14. That's one of the things I did learn out of here, was using the note pad and naming the exertion txt, something of that nature. Then you open it up in the browser t check it. It opens as the browser internet. I use that, but I have live server. So I can do dummy pages, like I do with experimenting.. I'm just new to the wide range of html and CSS, but I'm making it do more and more as I learn. I use my server host to do my experiments. It's faster for me to see my work and edit on the fly. I have used the note pad one, so I could keep fresh backups of my website. Now I have to see how the new
  15. <head><title>SPACEUPHORIA</title><link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" /><meta name="description" content="Welcome to SPACEUPHORIA. The website where everything is possible! Suitable for all-ages. Get ready to jump in the universe and travel much faster than the slow speed of light!" /><meta name="keywords" content="Science,Imagination,Inspiration,Wonder,Dreams,Aliens,Poetry,Concept Wonders,3D Images,2D Images" /><style>body {}.font1{color: #00ffff;font-family: georgia;font-size: 13pt;text-align: justify;}.font2{color: #00ffff;font-family: georg
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