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  1. Site Name: Find My candy Site Description: A puzzle site, were user has to solve puzzles/riddlkes related to candy Site Owner: Myself Site URL: http://findmycandy.com/
  2. As of now blogger doesn't give me option to edit html on dynamic views , so I guess I can't do change in pop of blog entry. BTW, I liked your suggestion, as I see that people with resolution might find it difficult to read my blog post !Thanks dude.. Any more suggestions ?
  3. Thanks.. I'm waiting for 1 more month before applying for adsense, as last time adsense rejected one f my blog saying that it is under construction, though it was 2 months old. I'll try to embed twitter chat asap
  4. Maybe you can sugest something by comparing good qualities of your blog with bad qualities of my blog, and by pointing bad qualities you will help me improve
  5. Comments section is available .All my blog viewers can comment on any post I posted.What else do you think I should add ? any more suggestions ?
  6. That is part of the ad which is on right side, that is a small square on right panel.Also, I've never allowed bidvertiser to put something like that in my setting. I guess there is something else, as I'm sure it is not because of bidvertiser code :)Also, I've removed that code as you suggested to try out.. But I guess still it is there ! :(Can anyone help ?
  7. Site name: What is an alternative to... ?Site Type: General/alternativesSite URL: Various Alternativesany suggestions ?
  8. I've started a new blog few days ago, and I want to know feedback from experienced members of this forum.My blog : http://variousalternatives.blogspot.com Please visit my blog and let me know if you think I need to modify something..All suggestions are welcomed, negative or positive it doesn't matter, just suggest me and let me know what do you think about my blog.
  9. Hello,Long back I added some script for putting ads in my blog, http://everything-underthe-sun.blogspot.com and now I forgot where did I added it. I want to remove the ad which is coming from bottom of the page, can you please help me to remove that ad script ?It is really annoying..
  10. shek

    Look at my site..

    Thank you Do you have any suggestion for the header color ? :)I'm trying to figure out the best combination but couldn't think of any thing which suits it better..
  11. shek

    Look at my site..

    Thanks for the suggestion.. I'm working on it :)Anymore suggestions ?
  12. okay got it.. so only experience and experimenting can get me through the advance learning, right?
  13. Amazing.. Worked like charm ! :)Thanks a lot..Can you please tell me where did you learn all this I too want to learn the advance thongs like this..
  14. shek

    Look at my site..

    I've changed the way labels look.. Is it okay or previously it was better ?
  15. oh oh.. when I did exactly what you said me, it over covered the home and privacy buttons :)as shown in the below image,I want the buttons should also go up with the reduction in the bar size..
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