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  1. Notepad:<html><head></head><body>Hi</body></html>Save as --> test.htm
  2. Odd, I remember sometimes in past experience it hadn't exactly worked the way I intended (i.e.: It was nearly identical to overflow: visible). Maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Notepad++ I use for debugging PHP scripts, and reading improperly formatted pages/scripts.Notepad I use for everything else; for shell editing on my VPS I use nano.
  4. I think he's referring to .htaccess login methods, in which case: http://www.reallylinux.com/docs/htaccess.shtml should help you.
  5. Won't that only work in *some* browsers?Typically you should use:overflow-y: scroll;overflow-x: hidden; Solved
  6. She most likely confused them with <font>. Since the tag doesn't exist, that's why IE didn't recognize it, where as Opera accepted it sense it's a bit more flexible.Also, for webhosts, a few I know of:http://www.zone.net (My current VPS host, average prices, great support and reliability)http://host.gotcanyons.net/ (Somewhat cheap, reliable)http://www.dedicatedbox.net (Dedicated server boxes as low as $55; nothing but great reviews from this guy, I'll be ordering a box in the next month or so)http://montecarlohosting.net/ (Same is said as above, though he can be a bit pricey; but as all his users have said, the connection they've made with him/his staff, the quality of support and reliability pays off the difference).http://www.charlottezweb.com/ (Cheap, reliable, probably a bit closer in your price-range; same goes for GotCanyons).Hope this helped
  7. As I previously stated, you could use any format + a flash player. He could use a WMV movie, then have it executed in flash format.And for size/quality, I recommend WMV or AVI as my top two.
  8. Not meaning to jump into a slightly outdated topic, but I also suggest using something like jeroenwijering's flash player may work better (Or any flash player for that matter), as it'll typically load faster, and since flash is cross-OS compatible, you can be certain users will be able to watch your movies.
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