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  1. Well I messed with it. I finally got the color and image to come up ; I switched <header> to <h1>, but it will not reconzie the size of the <h1>. so items from <h2> push into <h1>. The godaddy snapshot and the PCs at my job are the only ones that have the problem.
  2. I am unsure of which <body> content and <head> content are incorrectly place? Can you give me an example of what you see? I am having the issues in IE8, but unsure what is IE8 Browser mode is. Sorry I am a novice at this (as you can tell). I really appricate you taking the time to look. Thanks
  3. dsonesuk- Thanks for your input, but unfortunately it doesn't solve my problem.
  4. DDs1- Thanks for taking a look. It seems to not work on some computers with IE. For example mine at work. Also in my godaddy screen shot of the web site it appears how I see it work. I will attach a pic of what I am seeing.
  5. Hello, I have been looking all over for why my web site will not work correctly with css. My header completely is gone some IE, but works fine in chrome. In my godaddy snap shot it is also gone. Who ever can help me solve this issue it would be greatly appreciated. As you will probably find in my work I am self taught, but thanks for your help in advanced. my web site: www.eBommarito.com
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