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  1. Just figured out the issue. The divs were set to display:none and reveal once the jquery function is triggered. For some reason Firefox wasn't properly reading the display:none in my css. Thanks anyways!
  2. My site http://charleybiggs.com.s64567.gridserver.com/ is working properly in Chrome and Safari. When you click on certain boxes (the boxes with the plus sign), specific divs load at the top of the page. In Firefox though these divs are automatically showing when the page loads. They are supposed to be hidden until a box is clicked. Anyone have any idea why it’s doing this? <script type="text/javascript">$( document ).ready(function() { $("#music").click(function () { $("#musicinfo").slideToggle('slow'); $("#fpinfo, #behindinfo, #behindinfo, #signupinfo").hide('slow')
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