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  1. Hello, Can you please consider this site http://bmtMicro.com and let me know how can they made these moving objects? regards, Saeed
  2. Thanks for the reply. Can you please explain more?
  3. Hello, I use ASP.net. My fontface code is: @font-face{ font-family: Tahoma; src: url(../font/Tahoma.ttf ); font-family:Homa; src: url(../font/Homa.ttf); font-family:Yagut; src:url(../font/Yagut.ttf); font-family:TitrBold; src:url(../font/TitrBold.ttf); } then i use these fonts in my css. But it doesn't work!! What is my mistake? what is wrong with it? thanks
  4. I'm familiar with c# and also HTML,CSS. Now want to learn asp.net. Do you think wich method is easier and understandable: web forms or mvc?
  5. This is a general refrence. I need the exact code to do this task. Do you know any toturial about this?
  6. Can you please introduce me a refrence for this topic?
  7. I want to place some images at the top of my site. I wnat the image changes to another image in some secound. what should i do? you can see an example on http://webdars.com
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