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  1. Yep that was the problem. I knew it was something easy, but now I just feel stupid. Thanks for the help.
  2. Just to clarify the conditions in that IF statement:(atPos <= 0) checks to see if the user forgot to put an @ symbol, or if the @ symbol is the first character, meaning they didn't enter the username portion of the email address at the beginning.(dotPos = -1) checks to see if they entered at least one period somewhere in the email address.((dotPos - atPos) = 1) checks to see if they entered the first part of the domain name between the @ sign and the last period (a.k.a the last period doesn't come right after the @ symbol; there should be some kind of text between them).(dotPos = (email.len
  3. Ok I've been working on this script for a few days now, and I'm starting to become really frustrated. Despite this being a relatively simple script, and having a decent amount of experience using Javascript, I just can't get the script to behave how I want. This script is going on a website where users can subscribe to our newsletter by filling out a short form that has a text box for their email address, A CAPTCHA script to prevent abuse, and then a submit button. I'm trying to do some simple form validation to make sure they enter an email address in the correct format (someone@website.com)
  4. Hey everyone, I could use some feedback for my website. I've been making miscellaneous websites for fun in my free time for almost two years, but this is my first official website that I am making for a friend's business. This is definitely my best work so far, and I think it looks great, however I taught myself HTML so I could use a second opinion from some pros. Any compliments / advice would be great. Here's the link: http://dealtrackerpro.bravehost.comNote: Please excuse the ads at the top and bottom of the page, that's just the free webhost's fault. The real domain name won't have that pr
  5. Hey everyone this is my first post on the forums, I just joined yesterday. Unfortunately my first post is about a problem I'm having with a website I'm working on. Can someone please describe how to use CSS to make a background image for a <td> of a table. Right now I'm simply using <td background="mypic.png"> but when I run this through the HTML Validator it gives me an error message about an unknown attribute (background). This is my only error message so as soon as I fix this, my site is valid. I've tried reading the tutorials but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Thank
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