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  1. i think we should keep off topic related stuff limited, i will answer you via pm
  2. Jea that is a good idea. Adding some relevant text content will also improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect of my website. I have to think about how I approach this, cause at the moment its more or less a 1 page layout. @SoltBegins: For the corn field i used multiple color lookups (crisp warm, candlelight, late sunset, drop blues) used a different sky then the original picture and some tweaking with layer masks. I did not use a tripot. The second one I dont remember and I cannot find the .psd file ^^ sorry. (all pictures on my site are post-processed)
  3. Well I guess there is none. The objective (learning php and create something you enjoy) was fulfilled by finishing the website. greetings
  4. Hi there, as a informatics student I had to code something for university. I decided to code my own little website with an Image Gallery to present my photos and at the same time learn php. The goals where: responsive behavoir short and clean (you could call it minimalistic) small introduction of who I am and what I do main focus on pictures and the users experience while browsing through them The goals where not: I don't want to "sell myself" to get clients with this website, because I'm not a freelancer You find the result of my work here: http://andreaslorer.de/index.php Please provide me some feedback regarding: the website overall how smooth is the experience when scrolling through pictures (loading times / lags when scrolling /. . . ) bugs in the responsive behavoir ? in the "downloads" section, do you understand that you could download the gallery (as a open source image gallery) and not the photos which I present on my site? I'm not sure if this gets clear enough. Thank you in advance
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    look here http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_flex.asp
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