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  1. CrAzY

    http function

    Ingolme if you have solve or infomation can i use to create the site plz tell me and thanks for you to help me
  2. CrAzY

    http function

    thescientistexample :- i want to create web application that automatic register in facebook i try to use http function but i cant do this i try it alot but the same result in every try
  3. CrAzY

    http function

    thescientisti try to use it many time but i cant use it i want to create application or site that can do some information or some action to another site for example : do automatic register to another site
  4. CrAzY

    http function

    thanks to you Ingolmeyou have any example ?
  5. CrAzY

    http function

    hello all php programmer i want some help in this function how i can use it http_put_data and thank you
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