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  1. Thanks, looks very much like what i am trying to achieve is not possible with HTML alone
  2. i guess i could be ok if i could figure out how to not display the "name=" and rather simply have what was imputed show on it's own. the problem is the way it stand now whatever name i give the INPUT will be used as the label in the email body. that's no good. if i leave the "name=" out of the INPUT element then it won't submit at all. in short, the email link is fine, the resulting content in the email body is not. i am the one eyed leading the blind here. i could tell them but not only can they not see but they also do not listen. that's why i am making this form. the form does not leave room for chatter, all fields are required with a minimum of 2 characters. i don't want to figure things out for themselves because if they do, they will and they will go overboard and add all kinds of info i don't need. what about JS? could that work?
  3. so no way around PHP. i have been looking at this as well but it doesn't specifically mention that i have to have PHP installed. does that mean that I don't have to? reason i am asking is because this is going to run on a network that i have very little influence of. i won't be able to install PHP in short. will this still work?
  4. i saw that, been looking at it a few times actually but this output: is exactly what i am trying to avoid. i want to cut out the "name=" and just have "Your Name" etc. if there is no way to style it i probably could life with that but this would be the bare minimum.
  5. so, what i am trying to do is send an email from an HTML FORM. i want to keep it somewhat simple, meaning i don't want employ JS or PHP. HTML and CSS only. what i have so far: <form name="DriveOnRequest" method="POST" action="mailto:myemail@example.com?subject=Drive On Request" type="text/html" content-type="Multipart/formdata" accept-charset="UTF-8" enctype="Multipart/formdata" > <table> <td> <tr> <th><label>Requestor Name:<abbr title="Enter your name if you are the requestor or the name of the person who you are requesting the drive on for.">Help</abbr></label></th> <td><label>First</label><input type="text" name="first1" min="2" required></td> <td><label>Last</label><input type="text" name="last1" min="2" required></td> </tr> this is the more important part .. i think as i believe that the problem is somewhere in here. i am closing the form out and have a submit button. everything works fine up until then. when i submit it opens the default email program and is ready to send; however, the email inside looks something like this: Questions: 1. How can i remove the INPUT NAME Tags (first1=) or at least the "=" sign? 2. How can i remove the "&" sign obviously used as space. 3. Is there a way to style the whole thing at all? Because this is really where i need it. In the email, not the form. I am thinking that it has to do with the charset or the encoding but i am not sure. I find everything on the www about how to style the form but no more than bits and pieces about the resulting email.
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