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  1. Hello, Sherry here, as I said in the introduction area, trying to learn seo, html and everything else to have a successful website. I am using google developer tools, but its so complicated to learn. Do I really need CSS on my website? Can anyone recommend a good book or a resource for(dummies) build a successful website with correct codes and will not get penalized from google?? I can't afford the the big bucks..... using google webtools and analytics....... thanks Sherry
  2. Do anyone know how i get the embedded code from a powerpoint presentation that I created and insert it into my website???? I need the html code??? Help??? thanks Sherry
  3. Hello everyone, not new to this site, but new to the forums. I love this site, it has help my tremendously on doing my own html without knowing anything about html. Currently working on my website Gift Gallore Currently doing all seo and marketing myself, can't afford the big bucks...Just wanted to take time out to say I'm happy I found this site. Sherry
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