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  1. So i am doing the web storage tutorial and its not working. i eve tried it in the text editor and it still wont work. it looks exactly the same (Unless im missing something) but it wont work. heres my code.
  2. So im using notepad++ and im trying to get geolocation to work but it wont. This is what i have so far. It should work. but it wont (Im using chrome) did i mess something up?
  3. So it (Im going to use an analogy) Its like string, you use to ti time things up and keep then kind of separate from other thing. correct?
  4. I can get div to work i just dont understand what it does. ive read into it but i cant seem to get a good answer.
  5. Hi, i had a question about the certificate you can get. Do they hold any merit when i try to apply to go to a trade school? I dont have a high school diploma and im working on etting the money to maybe get a GED but if i can use the certificate to get in instead of the GED i might do that. so im curious how it works. Thanks!
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