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  1. >>I notice you didn't mention the connection string so I would assume that is your problem. On your local box, your connection string will be configured for the location of your Access Db somewhere on your C: drive. When you deploy the site to a remote host, you need to set the connection string to suit that environment. You need to check out the hosting service's own documentation about Db connection strings, as it depends on where they locate your Db and so forth.Still plugging away at this. When I researched the faq's on my hosting compnay, I found this sample code for connecting to
  2. >>....Therefore, if you develop an ASP.NET website and deploy it to that webserver, it will work. This is true regardless of the development tool you use to create your website (for example, Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer).This makes me feel better. At least I'm not spending all this time (It's been a week) in a futile attempt to get something to work that wasn't meant to.Thanks so much,Alicia
  3. I am in the process of having my hosting company check on their end to see if anything is interfering. While I'm waiting for their response, I have a question. Is Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition meant to only be used on my local computer with SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or can it be used on the server as well. I've seen a few posts / faq's that lead me to believe this is hte case and then I see a ton of posts about it working on websites.Thanks!
  4. >> Therefore the implication is that you have deployed your ASP.NET app to a subfolder. This will not work. I had the files in a subfolder for organization purposes. Now I'm getting this error 26 related to connecting the database. After reading online re this error I found that not all hosting companies support sql server express. I contacted my hosting company and they support sql server 2005 and stated that the asp file needs to connect to that database. The only database that I can upload is an Access database but they don't support connecting asp pages to an Access database. Gr
  5. Hi,Well after researching things last night I foudn the 1and1 does support asp.net but not with links to an access database, which mine was so I'm assuming that is why I had write errors. I redid the form with a link the SQL Server Express Edition 2005 table and still received a server error. After entering in the code you gave me, this is what I get:Parser Error Message: It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS.Source Error: Line
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE! I am blind with fatigue from working at this and am determined NOT to let it beat me. I'm just clueless!>>I notice you didn't mention the connection string so I would assume that is your problem. I'm not sure where/how to access this to get it published. I have been working in Frontpage and in an attempt to learn ASP got started with ASP.net not realizing it was different than ASP until today. This is very foreign territory to me. Since my websites have all been built in FP, my "goal" was to generate the forms that need to connect to the Access d
  7. Hi,I have been using SAMs Teach Yourself ASP.NET 2.0 in 24 hours and have found it very helpful. Formally I had been using Frontpage and find myself crazed by the limitations of wizards etc. I also connect to an Access database.The issue that I've literally spent days at is the fact that my ability to write to the Access database via the page that I created in VWD 2005 seems to be limited to my local computer. Everything works fine on the local computer. When I ftp the files to my website I get a "server error in / application". I've tried this on two sites that I have websites on. One is
  8. OMG that worked beautifully!! You have no idea the number of hours I stuggled with this!! Thank you so much!Leesha
  9. Hi,I mean relatively new to Flash and totally green to ASP. I've spent hours reading and researching and have yet to find a way to load a swf file into a new flash document. The only information I've found has to do with using a button with code behind it to open the external swf. What I need to do, is have the swf load on say frame 75 after the entrance animation finishes. I want the swf to automatically open and not have it be something that requires a button click. I tried using the loader component but didn't have any luck with that. Is this even possible and if so, how would I proce
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