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  1. is it okay to learn SQL without touching Php? ... i mean i'm only interested of SQL as i start to learn about our dialer system ;)
  2. hello justsomeguy πŸ˜‰ and hi davej ☺️ at the moment, i'm using Windows 7 in which it's the reason i'm more into DOS commands 😐 i just need to finish this program so at least i have my own customize monitoring system lol 😎
  3. hi all need help or workaround regarding some short DOS programs using batch files πŸ˜‡ actually, it's about adding some colors in a batch file i created in which i think i have achieved switching color every after IP address however, my problem it will completely changed the color of the previous IP address being ping using the now present color-assigned to the current IP address i just want is to retain the color of the previous IP address being ping @echo off :beginning ping -n 7 color 9 ping -n 7 color 3 ping -n 7 color 6 goto beginning
  4. hello niche and i'm just wondering as i'm not that consistent user with sql and i accept the fact also that i haven't keep track of the updates and versions or releases of sql, can you give me an idea like a "time travel"-format for the changes in sql ... please besides, if i'm into old school for using escapes codes, what or how is the current sql runs this days? hope you can enlighten me of my inquiry (as i'm really curious and interested to know ... nothing more nothing less) cheer!
  5. hi niche thanks for the hint, and i've tried that p tag ... however, can you give me more idea about that " ... old fashion printer escape codes ... ". sorry really, but i've been wondering how to do such thing (or perhaps i may just know it but only on the different terms you used) any way, i've attached here a screenshot about the sql computes or syntax i want to be in italic font style. i'm not just sure as to what kind of application or programs it's being edit but most probably into like powerbuilder. hope it will give you also some clue in "A", it's the Formula-field i input the syntax or computes. and in "B", i'll click the "Verify-button" to check if the computes / syntax as Formula i entered is right. and "C" will be the popup message whether it's accepted or bad command line well, seems like i'm truly back into sql now. i just hope that it will be the start of a progressive learning on my part (wish me luck) cheers!
  6. hi niche i'm not so familiar with CSS but what i do know is that the syntax that i gave is the source that will be displayed in the pharmacy drug label. actually, using powerbuilder application ... i can make it italicized from it's Properties-window. it is now what i've been doing to set the whole computes into italic so it will show an italicized line once converted in it's finished form as the label will be printed Zebra-printer however, as i said earlier that only the 2nd part ( if ( isnull( brand_drug ) , ' ', ' ' + brand_drug ) i want to italicized. i can make the part or create a box for 'W/F: ' + and set it to text window to maintain it's font style. but it's too taxing as i will separate them first then manipulate it's contents we can force the word in the sentence to be in all capital format so their would be a chance that label will be italicized cheers!
  7. hello all how to make italicize the fonts or make the words in italics in the following computes: 'W/F: ' + if ( isnull( brand_drug ) , ' ', ' ' + brand_drug ) i only want to make the part if ( isnull( brand_drug ) , ' ', ' ' + brand_drug ) in italics and to maintain the font style for 'W/F: ' cheers!
  8. hello justsomeguy ..i was able to trace the missing link of my program. i reverse the order of @echo off and Start. so i think that's it. i'm so thankful of u all for helping and sharing your knowledge. i'm sure many will benefit this guidance.thanks.
  9. hi again to both of u chibineku and justsomeguy ..this is the way i programmed it::Start@echo offping -n 10ping -n 10ping -n 10Goto Startis their a space between the colon and letter S? how about between the @ (at) sign and word echo, is their a space on it too??i tried to run it but the result was the same, it runs to fast i can barely manage to look on it. then it stays with the IP address and never hop to the next IP address which is and'm sure i have definitely saved it as a batch file since the icon in my desktop where i saved the said file has a gear logo. well, i salute u both that it takes less effort in making the program. i, on the other hand, is not as superb when it comes to this endeavor. perhaps u can just lend to me the link then i can walk through on it. its just that i need this program also for systematic work.cheers!
  10. hello justsomeguy :)so what must follow next after Goto or between Goto and Start if its isn't a colon then?and am i right that the program starts this way :Start?hoping u can enlighten me though.cheers!
  11. hi Synook ..is their like an specific site or link in which it gives hints, tips or ideas about ways to make batch files for ping?i'm not that just good when it comes to real programming though i have started to initiate simple programs but it results to errors. and this errors are the reasons that i'm puzzled of considering ... as i said, i'm just beginners and having hard-time to absorb all things at once.like this is the programs i have edited:Start:@echo offping -n 10 ping -n 10 ping -n 10 Goto:Startits results:Windows cannot find ':'.Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.what must be lacking in it??cheers!
  12. hello boen_robot ..i'm a little bit puzzled by the link though i can say that it truly gives me new ideas.i also tried to search on the net about such situation but seems the more i read it, the more i get confuse ... amazing.any way, perhaps u can farther assist me or anyone lending their help will be much appreciated.thanks.cheers!
  13. hello all,is their any simple program in which i can ping different IP addresses like a batch file?like for example, i want to ping, as well,, and instead that i will wait for to return to C:\> line or prompt, it will just continue to ping the next IP address and the next IP address.all i need to see is the continuity of its replies or results of ping that it has a consistent of flows like 20-intervals before the next IP address. then it will run in command prompt like a batch file, and will toggle repeat to the very beginning IP address after the last IP address was run. perhaps i can also stop it anytime in between like Ctrl+Z.its like a loop or simple cycle. i just plan to put it in my desktop so i can manage it to run easily.i found a scenario that sounds like this thread that uses @echo:http://malektips.com/xp_dos_0025.htmli'm not just familiar w/ programming or i just don't have the knowhow what's follow next.i appreciate any help or assistance on this thread. cheers!
  14. hi all ..i also just got my message from this person also. good thing i just occasionally check my inbox especially if its from unknown individual.thanks really for sharing info from this sender.cheers!
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