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  1. #footer{ max-width:100%; max-height:100px; background:url(images/middlefooter.html); background: #282828; color: #FFFFFF; height: 80px; width: 50%; text-align: center; } #footer li a:hover{ background-color: #555; color:#FF9900; }#content #footer p { font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif; } you have been very helpful how ever I have done some coding for my footer but dose not want to linkup can you help me out please you can see what I am trying to here http://www.stormsearchers.site88.net
  2. I thought the closing tag is right for the head <div id="header"></div>
  3. thanks for the information it worked cause I am using html5 when you got <nav></nav can you go like somethink (<div id"nav"></div>)
  4. ul { list-style-type: none; max-width:100%; margin: 0; padding: 0; overflow: hidden; } li { float: left; } li a { display: block; padding: 8px; background-color: #282828; } li a:hover { background-color: #555; color:#FF9900 } Hello I wish to have the nav-memubar center however how do I get rid of the line under the text but have the hover txt light up also how do I add the bar right across the page and have the navbar center I have the code here
  5. would you know anyone who would be keen on doing a header and logo for for my site as I don't no how to use photoshop will to pay
  6. I have fixed it all up now I have to do is the css table part and thankyou for the help
  7. <div id="wrapper"> <!-- start of Header--> <div id="header></div> <div id="navbar"> <ul id="nav"> <li><a href="#">Home</a></li> <li><a href="#">Weather</a></li> <li><a href="#">Weather Charts</a></li> <li><a href="#">Blog</a></li> <li><a href="#">Contact US</a></li> </ul> </div> </div> <!-- start of container--> &
  8. I'm using widows hoping to do up another partition as it's just stalled on my C: drive atm cause i wish to have my own server to run my web site save paying for it i also want to create a www folder for my folders and buy domianname and have that link to my server if any body can help that will be great as i don't get much money these days
  9. How can i do an upgrade for the php 7 mike all ew to this stuff sorry for asking so many questions
  10. i'm happy to do a login me for help but can not find the ini mate
  11. this is the Windows Extensions can not see it there ;Windows Extensions ;Note that ODBC support is built in, so no dll is needed for it. ; ;extension=php_adt.dll ;extension=php_apd.dll ;extension=php_bcompiler.dll ;extension=php_blenc.dll ;extension=php_bz2.dll ;extension=php_bz2_filter.dll ;extension=php_classkit.dll ;extension=php_cpdf.dll ;extension=php_crack.dll ;extension=php_curl.dll ;extension=php_cvsclient.dll ;extension=php_date.dll ;extension=php_db.dll ;extension=php_dba.dll extension=php_dbase.dll extension=php_dbx.dll extension=php_dio.dll ;extension=php_domxml.dll ;extension=p
  12. Sorry i have looked but there is no such file in the php.ini for me to delete it (;extension=json.so )
  13. how can i enabled in the php.ini file
  14. stormsearchers

    PHP Error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: json_decode() in C:\Users\Michael Wright\xampp\htdocs\stormsearchers\req\weatherinfo.php on line 7 Hello I am getting Error code i was wounding if someone can help out please to fix the problem <?php $QueryState = $_GET['state']; $QueryCity = str_replace(' ', '_', $_GET['city']); $string = file_get_contents("http://api.wunderground.com/api/You're key gose Here/conditions/q/" . $QueryState . "/" . $QueryCity . ".json"); $json_a = json_decode($string,true); // <---------- Current Conditions ----------> // //Di
  15. Ok Also when var temp; var loc; var icon; var humidity; var winds; var direction; function updateByPostcode(postcode){ var url = "http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?" + "postcode = " + postcode + "&APPID=" +APPID sendRequest(url): } function sendRequest(url){ var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xml.http.onreadystatechange = function(){ if (xmlhttp.readystate == 4 && xmlhttp.status == 200) var data = JSON.parse(xml.ResponseText); var weather = {}; weather.icons = data.weather[0].id; weather.humidity = data.main.humidity;
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