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  1. - _ -Is click on a button that will upload new material, is that consider a form of bootstrap?
  2. Is clicking a download click consider bootstrap?
  3. .... I come to like unix--for silly reason--and I'm use to using a window operation system--or window-like-- and I like the ideal of working in the cloud.Thank you for your respond... I'm hoping someone is going to tell me something that it would like to hear, but how can they if they're not me... I guess I'mma have to.... Decide myself...I'm not that very knowledgable... Still have a lot to learn.Here, I'll give you a like for answering my call.
  4. Please guys/gals, I don't know what laptop to get, like I said I only ever dealt with Toshiba, just... just tell me a good general purpose laptop that can stand some development action being done on it...
  5. thinking of this in the logic matter, there have to be another server running to be able to accept the data right?
  6. yes, I have that, but when I press submit, it return the data back to the server that first serve the form to the client. I have another server running to accept that data in the file name submit, but it does not send that data to be posted...
  7. So what you are saying is that the submit button is sending the information off to another page that is specify by the action attribute?the script is on the same page as the server logic, but that did not fully work, so after reading w3s I move it to another file name form... but... That does not seem to be working....---later in the future.--So it was an error syntax that was not detected do to it being in the a string being sent to the web browser....but it only returning to that server that sent it, and not to the file that the action=submit" point to. --by the way it was this that was the error for I had it like this: action"submit", go ahead and laugh, and please refer to pic-- Why? Do I need an absolute path for this to work?
  8. Another side question:In computing, a symbolic link (also symlink or soft link) is a special type of file that contains a reference to another file or directory in the form of an absolute or relative path and that affects pathname resolution.So can an xhtml page be seen as an symbolic?including that it have link and anchor tags to link to other files; like js files, image files, video files, and etc.Just won't clarity please. And if you could give a little of your own words on this... Please indicate that what I suggest to be correct by saying yes or no follow by a description giving a little information on why... Thank you.
  9. a file name submit... but before that I was handling everything in one file with port listing on 8080, but after reading w3s I separate the code, and have it listening on 8181 port... should it be listing on the same port?the logic behind it is if the page is requested, check to see if this page have a /submit post request, if not, than return a forum page. If the url does contain a /submit in it, extract the data from the request body and log it to the terminal.
  10. This was instruction I was following from a book... I don't believe they will not inform me of everything I must do.And looking in w3s I don't see much information... but this:Submit Button <input type="submit"> //defines a submit button.//A submit button is used to send form data to a server. The data is sent to the page specified in the form's action //attribute. The file defined in the action attribute usually does something with the received input:<form name="input" action="demo_form_action.asp" method="get">Username: <input type="text" name="user"><input type="submit" value="Submit"></form>
  11. <form action="/submit" method="post"> <input type="text" name="sometext"> <input type="submit" value="Upload"></form>Does forum does not return the value that is input in to it back to the server.Am I missing anything?
  12. So I'm reading, and came across an example of determining the file extension of a file not having one... here is what they show: file --breif --mime filename# this out put something like this:text/plain; charset=us-ascii#for txt filetext/plain; charset=us-ascii#for es--js-- filetext/plain; charset=us-ascii#as you can see it'll, out put the same for... I'm guessing any file.anyone know why?
  13. Is shell script run in the browser? I saw a library lBrl code that is involve in writing it, and it had the label shell.
  14. L8V2L

    Script tags

    What laptop should I get? Is a Mac good? It seem to be the developer choice. Or is an window okay? I only ever use toashia, and that other brend I can't remember... HELP!!!! I'm in decisive!!!!Which brend should I go with!!!!And for a cheap prices!!!Please any suggestion!!!!
  15. L8V2L

    Script tags

    I'm studying with/'' module... I'm speaking on AMD.
  16. L8V2L

    Script tags

    I knew someone would say that but all I could find of this, http://unscriptable.com/code/Using-AMD-loaders/#42
  17. L8V2L

    Script tags

    I'm pretty up for the module pattern... Care to speak on what the others are? A brief description. It can even be vague.
  18. L8V2L

    Script tags

    No libraries!!!
  19. L8V2L

    My account is lock

    I cannot log on to my account. When I try on my laptop it say account lock due to, to many login attempt.My account is lock.
  20. L8V2L

    xml to xsd

    You don't won't uppercase? Then take the uppercase part out.
  21. L8V2L

    Script tags

    If I have a couple of script tags, they can have the potential of collision with each other with name space, correct?If I encapsulate each on in an object, will that fix that?
  22. I ask for this to be unlock a couple of weeks ago via private email. Now I'm asking globally.
  23. ExistDB can be use as a stand alone server.... Meaning that browser can send in request to the database direct as if it was a server.how you feel about ES6?
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