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  1. Hi All ! I want build some paging for array of the rows in listBox on HTML page, do anyone have some example ? Regards, Evgeniy.
  2. Thank you very mach ADHD, it was very helplfully, Regards, Evgeniy
  3. i have Xml that looks something like this: How can i filtering this xml for cb="1" ? I know only xpath & DataSet are ways for filtering this xml: <root> <node id="1"> <node cb="0"></node> <node cb="0"></node> </node> <node id="2"> <node id="21" cb="0"></node> <node id="22" cb="1"></node> </node> </root> What the most efficient way to make it like (filter by cb=1): enter code here <root> <node id="2"> <node id="22" cb="1"></node> </node> </root> With regards, Evgeniy Vinnikov
  4. Hi all,What ways, methods exist to build XML hierarchy string, If I have ID, PARENTID columns in original Data base Table.Regards, Evgeniy
  5. Hi All , May be someone knows , how i can transform hierarchy Xml like as "<node><node></node></node>" to flat presentation "<node></node><node></node>" . I know technique in DataSet (nested relation) ,Is there something else ? Regards , Evgeniy.
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