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  1. Mememe

    Help Needed Quick.

    Oops, accident post. Sorry.
  2. Mememe

    Help Needed Quick.

    This is basically it, where the part it states the error. $query = "SELECT * FROM mememe_news_main ORDER BY id DESC";$result = mysql_query($query);while ($news = mysql_fetch_array($result)){ echo "<div class=\"t2\"><a href=\"news.php?id=".$news['id']."\" style=\"font-weight: lighter;\">".$news['title']."</a></div> "; echo $news['news']; echo "<br /><br /><div style=\"text-align: right; color:#000000;\">Posted by <a href=\"profile.php?id=".$news['poster_id']."\">".$news['poster']."</a> on ".$news['date']."</div>"; echo "<div class=
  3. Mememe

    Help Needed Quick.

    All there is, is mysql_query() and mysql_fetch_array(). How could I be using it in a way that not's not supposed to be used?
  4. Mememe

    Help Needed Quick.

    I have never encountered this error before, so I'm baffled. What does this error mean?
  5. Mememe

    Next Page

    So page 3 would be LIMIT 5,10 ?
  6. Mememe

    Next Page

    I idea I had was first find the amount of pages. Then for every encode the page number into the url. The problem is that how would I select 5 rows, for page 2?So, for page 1, I would select the rows 1-5. Then for page 2, I would need to select rows 6-10. How would I do that?
  7. Mememe

    Next Page

    Well, I'm not sure how to go about doing this.How would I have it so, after a certain number of posts are displayed, it the next set of posts are showed on another page. For example, if the maximum number of posts for one page is 5, and there were 15 posts in all, there would be a file called "view.php?page=1"And that would show the first 5 posts (meaning first 5 rows from the table in the database). Then when someone clicks on a link that goes to view.php?page=2", it would show the next 5 posts. And there would be another link, linking to view.php?page=3. That link would show the last 5 posts
  8. Mememe

    Image Size

    Well, I have an System, where the user can insert a link for there own avatar. The thing is, how do I make sure that if the image width and height is over 64 pixels, it goes to 64 pixels but if it was under 64 pixels or 64 pixels, it would stay at it's own size?Thanks, mememe.
  9. Oh, I get it now. So I have 2 tables, the normal table, which is the news table, and another called comments.On the comments table, I have the 2 columns, post and news_id. The post is the actually post itself, and the news_id is the id which the comment to connected to. Is that sort of what you mean?
  10. What I thought was to have an max number of comments. Say the max number of coments per News post is 5, I could have the columns:comment1comment2comment3comment4comment5But I don't want a max.
  11. Alright, I'm trying to make something similar to CuteNews. Currently, my table has the columnstitle, for the title of the newsnews, the actual newsid, which is the id of the postposter, the person who made the postEverytime a new post is made, a new row is added to it. When the page, news.php is displayed, it gets the data from this table. Now, I have a page called newscomment.php On this page, there are forms for people to post comments. Now, how would I make it so that I can implement the comments, into each row, since each row will have it's own set of comments.
  12. Well, it takes up one row for each News, and I need more than just 1 comments, but the idea put forward would only allow 1 comment per News post.
  13. Well, I'm trying to make a News System, with PHP and MySQL, and theres a button where you can click to go to comment on the News Post, such as Cute News.In my table, called news, so far I have the columnstitle - Title of the News postnews - The actual newsposter - Who posted itid - The id number of the post.For each post submitted, a new row is made. Not, if I were to make a Comment System, I would also need to store the comments, for each News post.How can I set up my table for this?Oh, if this is meant to be in the SQL Forum, please say so.Thanks, Mememe.
  14. Mememe


    Yeah, that's the kind of thing I have, can you give me some links or suggestions for stopping things like that?
  15. Mememe


    Hmm...I'll give it a shot. Oh, can SQL Injections be used if I'm only using SELECT?
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