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  1. Spinman

    Div Wrapping

    Hello All,I was wondering if there is a way to wrap divs around a div without floating the div in question. Floating unfortunately will cause issues with the other divs.Spinman
  2. Spinman

    PHP Email Question

    Hey All,Is it possible to take the answers in a html form page and when the information is submitted to the php file have code in the file that simply sends the answers in an email to someone? As well as have another email sent to an email address that was given on the form page? What I'm basically asking is, can I send two separate emails from one php page where one of the emails has data that was extracted from an html page and the other simply sends an email to the extracted address? If that doesn't make any sense please say so and I'll try and think of an easier way to phrase it.Thanks,spi
  3. Spinman

    Need Advice/Help

    Hello All,To start off with I need to let you know I've done next to no php coding in my life and am giving myself a crash-course in it at the moment on the tutorials. I posted in the html/xhtml forum a few days ago with a problem and all of the responses lead me to needing to ask a question in here. I've built a registration form and need help or advice in writing the submission function for the form. I need the function to do three things: send an email to the address the attendee uses; store the information somewhere in such a way that I can load the information into an excel spreadsheet; t
  4. Uhm, I understood up until you said create the first "record" in the file with the field headers call it registration.tabI know that these questions may seem ... uneducated and that's because up until now I could get by with using html and css in my webdesign. I haven't had to learn the other languages and now I'm having to give myself a crash-course in them and have no idea really where to begin to simply get this job done.Not sure what I was asking in this post but thanks for listening to my little rant, and thank you for your prompt replies I'm beginning the coding of this page tommorrow an
  5. Hello All,I'm an amateur web-developer and am well versed in html, css and such. However I have a dilemna that I need a bit of advice/help with. A club I'm part of has asked me to build them a website for a workshop event they are hosting. I can do just about everything but the registration page. I need a way to submit the completed registration and have it be added as a row in an excel table that will be updated and emailed out once a day. Can anyone help with this? I have no idea what to do.Spinman
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