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  1. I've seen this query return about 66 columns matching those same terms (MaxResults, LastModifiedByName, etc) and I'm not sure I get how it all fits together
  2. I'm trying to organize this SQL query from a packet capture and I'm more of a network/application guy, not so much of a DBA. Can anyone if I got this right and if this makes sense? I think the SQL query is this: SELECT [t0].[SECTIONNAME], [t0].[PARAMETERNAME], [t0].[INTVALUE], [t0].[STRINGVALUE], [t0].[DATEVALUE], [t0].[INFRASTRUCTURAL], [t0].[SiteParametersId] FROM [dbo].[SITE_PARAMETERS] AS [t0] WHERE ([t0.[SECTIONNAME] = @p0) AND ([t0].[PARAMETERNAME] = @p1) After that, is it defining the parameters used in the query like this? @UserId = @p1, @IsRoot = @p2 Here's the whole thing:
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