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  1. Dear all , Could you please help to on how to reside border to fit the image? Please look at my red arrow image screenshot. Thank for any suggestion. Thanks,
  2. sulove

    ASP.NET with MySql

    Hi all, I have 2 question need you help explain as below. Could we built ASP.NET Webform and use database with MySQL insteat of SQL Server? Could I hosting this project if I select Windows Platform on Godaddy.com? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I am just newbie in web site environment but I have knowledge on C#. Now I want to learn and create my own web site e-commerce in future so I decide to learn ASP.NET on w3schoos.com but I am sure and confused with Web Form and Web Page. My question is I want to create web site E-Commerce that use ASP.NET, what is I could learn? Web Form or Web Page? Thank you in advance.
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