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  1. thanks Ingolme and here are the last version of code thescientist $resultado = mysqli_query($conexao,$sql);if($resultado){ $_SESSION['usuario_logado'] = $user; session_write_close(); header('Location: test.php?info=User created and loged KEEP SAFE YOUR USERNAME');} the only difference between the final version and the first version is the session_write_close() , i don't know if the SESSION variables can be source of my problem but all work now soo it's ok
  2. i removed all echos, var_dump and html, all seems to work now '-' the delay persist but the headers are working. and i put the echos to see if the condition is evaluating to true, 'cause the new users are on database soo the mysqli_query must return true
  3. i add a echo("<h3>Let the carnage begin!</h3>"); on the begin of the file and the session_write_close() before reach the header, but still a blank page :/ $resultado = mysqli_query($conexao,$sql);if($resultado){ echo("<h3>Yeah!</h3>"); $_SESSION['usuario_logado'] = $user; session_write_close(); header('Location: test.php?info=User created and loged KEEP SAFE YOUR USERNAME');} so i tried use meta tags, apparently work, but i have a strange delay on the load of the pages $resultado = mysqli_query($conexao,$sql); if($resultado){ echo("<h3>Yeah!</h3>"); $_SESSION['usuario_logado'] = $user; session_write_close(); //header('Location: test.php?info=User created and loged KEEP SAFE YOUR USERNAME'); ?><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=http://www.mydomain.com/form_test/test.php?info=User%20created%20and%20loged%20KEEP%20SAFE%20YOUR%20USERNAME"><?php} it's normal this delay? considering that are extremely light pages?
  4. hi guys, here i'm again! soo this time i have a more complex question (i think). I made a simple form site who works fine on the local server (except the part of the email who never came!). I was trying to put the files on a server and use the email account that the server provide me to receive the emails from my form site, then i found a strange error, my headers functions don't work on the server (with 1 exception), after a few minutes on google i found some answers with .php but any of them work, soo here i'm asking for some light here is one of the headers who doesn't work $resultado = mysqli_query($conexao,$sql);if($resultado){ $_SESSION['usuario_logado'] = $linha['IDUSER']; header('Location: test.php?info=User created and loged KEEP SAFE YOUR USERNAME');} and here is the only one who works <?php session_start(); if (!isset($_SESSION['usuario_logado'])) { header('Location: home.html'); exit; }?>//this verify if a user is loged i tried to use ob_start(); but then i just have a blank page if anyone can help me will be awesome!
  5. hi guys, just introducing myself Full name: Leonardo BaldisseraAlternative name(s): Bacon, Baconian, leo, natiBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 28/10Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: ScorpioHeight: 1.89mWeight: 68kgEyes: ligth brownHair: goldenFavourite Movies: too many to listInterest: art, literature, programming and have funPets: sadly no, but i like cats a lot
  6. Really thanks Justsomeguy!
  7. Hey guys! i'm a newbie and i'm having a problem with a simple form. Probably it's a simply detail but i can't get it :/ so every comment helps a lot! The form is submitted in .html but the info put on form apparently don't reach the .php file and i don't have the minimal idea of what is wrong the error is: Notice: Undefined index: user in C:xampphtdocsforminsert.php on line 6 not cathing user .html <html> <head><title>Home</title></head> <body> <h1>Login</h1> <form method="post" action="insert.php" enctype="text/plain"> <input type="text" name="user" placeholder="insert your username"> <input type="submit" value="Login"> </form> </body></html> .php <?php session_start(); include('conectaDB.php'); $user = $_REQUEST["user"];//line 6 if(!isset($user)){echo("not cathing user");exit();} var_dump($user); $sql="INSERT INTO User (IDUSER) VALUES($user)"; var_dump($sql); $resultado = mysqli_query($conexao,$sql); if($resultado){echo("worked!");} else{echo("ERROR sql insert: ".$sql);} mysqli_close($conexao);?> in all browsers i've tried(chrome, firefox and IE) the result is the same :/
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