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  1. I want to overlap one div on another using css as shown in image below and i have following html and code <div id="div1">This is div 1</div><div id="div2">This is div 2</div> div1{width:800x;height:200px;background-color:#292929;color:#FFFFFF;}div2{width:800x;height:50px;background-color:#333333;color:#FFFFFF;} I want my footer to be like the image shown below, how can i do it ? I have uploaded the image, but if you are enable to see it then you can view the image easily at this URL http://imageart.webs.com/footer.png
  2. How to change border lenght using css ? i have a simple code shown below HTML and CSS <h4>Headin</h4> h4{border-bottom:2px solid red;} Now this code will give a border below <h4> tag but how can i adjust the lenght of that border using css ?
  3. i want to add a style to the numbered list shown in image 1 like the style in image 2 , how can i do it ? If you are enable to see images here please visit the 2 links below for image 1 and image 2 http://imageart.webs.com/1.jpg http://imageart.webs.com/2.jpg
  4. i have the following html and javascript, how can i shorten the javascript ? html and javascript at - http://jsfiddle.net/GZhvM/2/
  5. if i want to create a external javascript file then should i write javascript in between <html> and <script> or between <script> or write directly the javascript?. Is .js the correct file extension for javascript files ?
  6. in my html code i have 1 jascript and 4 div (box.box2,boxa2,boxb3)i want to use that one javascript for 4 div(box.box2,boxa2,boxb3) how can i do that ?
  7. I have the following html code, what can i do in it so that by using only one javascript function, I can use it for the following div: box, box2, boxa2, boxb3 html at - www.jsfiddle.net/cAtFu/
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