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  1. I use blogger and I have direct access to Html code.
  2. So how to do this,I am not able to do this ?
  3. On my blog,there's a social sharing widget at the right looking something like this:- and there's a hover effect on the images of social media sites but I can't find any way to add links on this images in such a way that when anyone clicks on it ,is redirected to the desired link and the hover effect will remain existing
  4. Well I am using google chrome and Now it's also appearing fine to me,thanx.I was a bit confused actually.Sorry for wasting your time.
  5. You mean that there's some kind of defect in my browser or internet connection ?
  6. On my blog,when I open it at the first time then some of the images and things are loaded but to get whole page I have to refresh it 2-3 times,is some kind of javascript doing this or this is a defect ?
  7. On my blog there's a slider appearing towards the bottom rather than right,can anybody help me ?
  8. I have tried to keep it within the same column as box 3 rather than the duplicated main section,but no effect.
  9. I want the sidebar to fill the empty right space as per the requirement of the space used by various gadgets included.You mean that it should be placed outside of id='main'.But it is already out of it.It is within the 'sidebar-wrapper' tag nothing else.
  10. I have tried to increase the width of container to 2100px,no effect
  11. On my blog TechnoPcArea the sidebar is appearing belo the blog psots,I think it should be appearing at the right side.I cross checked the css and everything is fine,what has happened.Can anybody help Me ? Below is a screenshot I hope this screenshot would be helpful
  12. I kept the 1.8 script of jquery and removed the other,but still no change
  13. On my blog there is a carousel slider like below image:- It was not working so I tried to use the console feature of chrome and a caught a problem,it was in this following form:- <script> (function($) { $(document).ready(function(){ $("#carousel .content").jCarouselLite({ Uncaught typerror: Undefined is not a function auto:0, scroll: 1, speed: 400, visible: 5, start: 0, circular: false, btnPrev: "#previous_button", btnNext: "#next_button" }); })})(jQuery) </script> It's id is " technopcarea.blogspot.com/:1018" Now what should I do,I rechecked the script,its correct.
  14. Very Much Thank You Sir,Now It's All Fine
  15. I tried to add this:- padding-left:0px; and even tried to add this padding-left:-50px; But no effect of both.
  16. This was the output of removing overflow:hidden
  17. I have done the padding and margins 0,but still same result.
  18. I did it by decreasing the width of the images to 180px but now it's not appearing as it should. See the below screenshot:- There's a lot of space left at the left sie,I think that is is causing problem in the default sizing of the images and there's also no gap in between images. I know that very correctly it should appear like below screenshot It is having correct gap between images and no extra space at left side
  19. I have added a display:inline element to a box called as SEO Tips For Webmasters,in the news_pictures class but still it's appearing in the block element way.Here's how it's appearing : And I expected it to appear in the following way:- My blog's url is this:- http://technopcarea.blogspot.com/ can anybody tell me why is it not appearing correctly
  20. On my blog whenever I have been trying to add anything at the place highlighted in the image below,nothing appears.Can anybody tell me that where in the html should I add the code to make it appear at the right place.
  21. On my blog's template there is a lot of extra empty grey space appearing at the right side,how can I remove it.
  22. If I would have known that,then I would have done it.But I don't know much about javascript.
  23. The next button of carousel,a kind of slider appearing below navigation menu containing link like home,suggestions etc. is not working. Earlier when we used to click on next button another thumbnail and title used to appear of next post in gadgets category,but now nothing happens. Here's a screenshot of non-working button
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