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  1. I think you did right on just rewriting it, I was already aware of the mess I made of my code . But this solution looks very interesting, although the thumbnail doesn't go back when you click on the clicked thumbnail, it only moves when you click on another non-clicked thumbnail. Anyway, due to some sort of problem I didn't get any mails about getting a reaction to my topic (is there something I need to set up first for that?), and I noticed your reply far too late. In the meantime I've already gotten an answer on another forum, from a person who also rewrote my code by the looks of it and th
  2. I'm trying to make this page working that has a vertical line of pictures (thumbnail-sized) which you can then click on to make them scroll to full width and show lots of text and happy stuff. I've already managed to do all that. However, if I click on one thumbnail, any open thumbnails are supposed to close. I've implemented an IF statement and class-checking for that: $("a#shins-rec1").clickToggle( function(){ if ($(".shins-rec").hasClass('done')) { $(".shins-rec").filter($(".done").not($(this))).animate({ left: $(".shins-rec").filter($(".done").not($(th
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