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  1. I may have posted too soon. I opened one of our xml files and saw the "codebase" attribute. If all I have to do is delete that to prevent a download I'm going to feel rather dumb.
  2. We have a system that presents user tooltips with video. We use the <object> tag and use the flash OCX clsid. All this works fine unless the user doesn't have the flash control installed. If it isn't installed, when I navigate to the web page, the Adobe installer starts up and this is most undesirable. Is there a way to prevent installation when the flash control is not already installed? I do have code that deletes the flash node if I know the control is not on the machine. But I first have to load the web page to enumerate its data but before control is given to me, the installer runs. I'm hoping there is some attribute/property I can use to indicate that no "automatic" installation should occur.
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