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  1. who can post solution for my problem! thanks you very much! i wait respond from you.
  2. i hove store url of pic in xml i wan to get them and display in html i have been use Xpath language and XSLT but i don't display this pic. who can help me? thanks for help full follow is content of file xml(name hanghoa.xml) and file xslt(name hanghoa.xslt) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xml" href="hanghoa.xslt"?> <KimLan> <HangHoa> <TenHang>Thuoc la Thang Long</TenHang> <HinhAnh><img src="pics/thuoclathanglong.jpg"/></HinhAnh>(i try to replace that)<HinhAnh>"pics/thuoclathanglong.jpg"</HinhA
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