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  1. Thanks - I was correct with my original query. I tested the HAVING clause with different values, in order to check and test the data against what was stored in the relevant tables.
  2. Hi, I am trying to show a list of accounts where 2 identical products, have been ordered for the same account, within the same calendar month. Field names: A/c number, Order id, Cust name, Product, Purchase date I have used GROUP BY and HAVING, but I am concerned with the volume of records returned. Any help, please? Thank you
  3. I have been working with SQL tutorials for the past 6 months, whilst also having some knowledge of RDBMS for a while. Learning the syntax isn't too much of a challenge if you know the data. In my case, I'm more wanting to understanding the components of how things work. I'm getting exposed to things daily, which I'm learning continuously. Using analogy examples, this helps me to logically understand HOW things work. Hearing how things work from people really helps with my learning styles, hence why I joined here. Textbooks don't always do it for me as they don't answer questions. However, if you know of any decent sources, please post them.
  4. Hi all, I opened this account in June, but have only started this up recently, after securing my new position as a Database Developer! Persistence, determination and enthusiasm is the key to achieving anything! Its great to be involved with such a friendly and helpful forum of people! I look forward to hearing from you. Ben
  5. Thanks Ingolme, I am attending a course next month; 'Querying SQL Server'. As I am currently working on a test server environment, there is a lot of opportunity to 'play' around with data in SQL Server, however there are a lot of databases and tables, which is already giving me a headache. (A good one of course!). I am always wanting to know why & how things work. SQL is a fantastic career path for any data savvy individual!
  6. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. For starters I'm interested in understanding how databases work? How do they retrieve data from systems used in companies? Also.... - How does SQL Server Management Studio work with Visual Studio? - How does a server work and what is its main purpose? - Why may a company use numerous servers, databases and tables to hold company data? - Stored Procedures - I know a little bit, but how do they actually work and when & how do we use them? Regards
  7. I have recently started a new position in my company as a Junior Database Developer. I have previously worked in Data Analysts roles; mainly using advanced Excel & VB. I have a strong passion for SQL, as I now aim to develop my career down the Database Developer route. In my first month, I have began to get to grips with using SQL syntax; building and creating tables etc. Whilst I appreciate it takes time to understand how processes work, I am eager to further understand what things mean; how things work & why. After reading up on numerous forums, not everything is explained easily for beginners. I much prefer seeing working examples of things, using analogies. I am reaching out to SQL gurus to help explain a few items for me. Unfortunately, I am unable to attach the Word document with my requirements. If anybody can be of any support, and therefore get in touch, I will be very grateful! Regards, Ben
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