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  1. skjdfhlkjdshg dfj hkalsfajkd fh Translation:- Thank You
  2. @niche I personally have no special interest in any specific area though(app or game).But I am ready to do anything creative however difficult it is or any special skills required because I have a year's time..So any suggestion?
  3. Well it was a bit difficult to understand...But can you suggest few more please :-)
  4. I know this isn't the right place to ask this but still.. Can anyone help me suggesting ideas for a good project in college.I am in sophomore year and in IT Engineering. I have to create a project next year using any programming language. I have a year but I need a good idea so that I can learn any new language if possible.Please help me out guys
  5. Alright brother....will definitely my query here
  6. I just want to know small basics needed
  7. Hey,I want to create a simple contact me website like this:-http://nicholasrub.in/.. I know I can easily do this with Bootstrap but I want to do without it..Please can anyone help me out
  8. Ok, 1 last question , Is it completely on Bootstrap or did you use any css pr jquery?
  9. Yeah there is one free hosting site.The best thing about it,it seriously doesnt have advertisements although there is a minimum speed limit,but I think you must give it a try:- https://adf.ly/qMY4e
  10. Please just a small hint is needed..I like them
  11. Example:-http://www.queesbitcoins.com.ar/
  12. Yes that is what I want
  13. Well..Not exactly..If I want to draw laptop with flat design so how to do so?
  14. aniketpunk

    Flat images

    Hi all,I wanted to know how to create those flat(minimal) images which are trending all over and can be seen on every top website.(I have Adobe Photoshop CS5)
  15. But there is some magic coding that results on top search results..Isnt it?
  16. It looks really cool and professional..Did you use any framework?
  17. Hey guys,I was wondering how to make a SEO optimized website.I mean,I know what SEO optimization is(we add those meta tags with keywords) but I want to know more about that.Is there a link here or something? Please someone help me out with this
  18. Okay.Thanks a LOT Guys
  19. Please please let me know such courses!!
  20. Uh Well...Currently learnt HTML5,CSS..learning Jquery...Its just I will learn anything which will help me in future for getting a job ..
  21. Wow guys...great..Well I am pursuing degree in IT engineering...I was searching for some guidance in extra-curricular activities like web programminh..Can you guys guide me the essential courses and certifications which will be helpful in future
  22. But can I know where do they get website designing projects?
  23. Okay guys I get it now..BTW where did you guys learn web programming?
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