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  1. vs are equivalent, am I right? In fact x = anything, then 198.168.x.x/16 are the same, because the last digits will be submasked anyways. Am I right?
  2. Hey, I've been looking around for a prepackaged javascript error handling system. Kind of like, if I give the DOM ID, itll display a floating error message bubble above it. Does such a thing exist? If so, any pointers?
  3. Is it safe to assume that auto_increment is atomic during select operations? example, If I insert 1000 rows instantly (hypothetically), okay, I know that auto_increment will increment one by one. but can I be sure that ALL select operations during, before, after this insert will always show auto_increment (10) before auto_increment (20) ? Like for some arbitrary optimization reason, even though a row with auto_increment (1) exists, the select operation will get 1,2,3..9,11,20 before a millisecond later 1,2,3,9,10,11,20 ? Or will this never occur?
  4. oh thanks man, that clears it up alot!
  5. if its url rewrite, how are they passing the HeirOfTheSurvivor username to what I presume to be user.php?
  6. Usually, websites pass in get requests in the url with ? e.x. youtubes:/watch?v=S1B2lUbPKwA but sometimes, I also see urls like: http://www.reddit.com/user/HeirOfTheSurvivor how are they doing the /user/HeirOfTheSurvivor part? I dont believe its a url rewrite, but what could it be?
  7. Hello, Im trying to implement a small liking feature on my site, and want it to resemble somewhat of facebook's. Obviously due to facebook's large data set, different posts must be partitioned across multiple databases/servers.I would like to hear what you guys think they do in order to keep an up-to-date # of likes? Are they actually recursively connection to all of those separate servers in order to fetch this data, or is this some clever server/client side caching with memcached+cookies?
  8. >that feeling when I dont run apache>that feeling when I dont use phpMyAdmin>that feeling when server is on aws hosted sql server any alternatives in command line ? like a sql statement or something?
  9. i remember distinctly that it was possible to get a list of avg read lock wait time or read queue or whatever with mysql tables... i seem to have forgotten what it is called... like some diagnostic tool to see if writes are locking out reads and whatnot
  10. >muh simple question of does sphinxsearch = sphinx. plz just say yes or no, if no say what the diff is plox. ok atahnsksksdsjdbaskd.ajsd;laskjd aslkd ;alkdnas;dh ashfais igy;eguh thanks
  11. yes i did, Im just asking what the diff between sphinx and sphinx search is. installing sphinxsearch via ubuntu's package manager only creates a dir in /etc/sphinxsearch there is no /usr/local which suggests that I need to compile from source sphinx. so the question is, are they god damn different programs. If so, what the ###### is sphinxsearch?
  12. are sphinx and sphinxsearch the same thing?When I install sphinxsearch with sudo apt-get install, and I try to run it, I always get an error saying mysql cannot connect on socket - or something along those lines. WHY ARE THERE 2 names for the same program? Is one like a dependency or something? What is with all this ambiguity
  13. solved, the uploader client connection collation was set after the insert
  14. so chinese characters generated internally in php, and also via user input display fine. but ones in the mysql server cant be displayed at all with htmlspecialchars. It should also be noted that the LIKE command in mysql also does not work with chinese/japanese/korean
  15. as an individual who is new to the agonizingly painful world of strings and their various encodings, is there a good online tutorial available that goes througheverything from collations to hex to collations, and how everything goes together. I dont know whats going on with strings in general.
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