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  1. Thanks for your prompt reply. Console.log shows keyN to be "<select id="keyType">" rather than directly assigning a value to keyN. This introduces a coding concept beyond my present understanding. I will use this as a starting point for further study.
  2. I am new to Javascript so please be patient. Here I have two dropdown lists each with an alert to display the list selection. My code is a duplicated adaptation of a w3schools example.Both alert messages show selections from the "keyName" list because (I assume) both alert messages use getElementsByTagName("option").if I put the variables keyN and keyT alone in the alert functions they display the expected selection index numbers. Is there a way to link 'option' to 'select id' that forces the correct list to be read? Or perhaps another way to approach the task?Thanks in advance for any advice.codeblock<!DOCTYPE html><html><body>//List#1<select id="keyName"><option value="C">C</option><option value="D">D</option><option value="E">E</option><option value="F">F</option></select>//List#2<select id="keyType"><option value="major">major</option><option value="minor">minor</option></select><button type="button" onclick="getKey()">Get Key</button> //displays C/D/E/F<button type="button" onclick="getType()">Get Type</button> //displays C/D<script>function getKey() { var keyN = document.getElementById("keyName").selectedIndex; alert(document.getElementsByTagName("option")[keyN].value);}function getType() { var keyT = document.getElementById("keyType").selectedIndex; alert(document.getElementsByTagName("option")[keyT].value);}</script></body></html>/codeblock
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