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    My website, sailing, philosophy, biking, Taiji, the history of Vaasa and Finland and land upheaval - lots of stuff.
  1. Hi Everybody,More thoughts on photos etc.I think it is in all our interests as web developers to remember the importance of intellectual copyright. There are billions of photos, articles etc on the search engines - most of which are copyright. To blatantly 'borrow' these to fill up our own pages is, quite simply, stealing. We need to have a certain professional pride when it comes to these matters. When I started my pages, I was a bit free with my sourcing, but these days I don't normally even link to a site without either asking permission (which is usually gladly given) or making sure from t
  2. Hi,Indeed there is! I'd forgotten it, even though some of my photos are on there too.The problem with the net is that there are too many opportunities, and then one forgets...Malcolm.
  3. Hi,Well, the most satisfying solution for me was to buy a digital camera and start taking photos of my local area etc. However, this does not solve the problem of, for example, business pictures. These are plentiful on the web, but not usually free.Here is a good link:http://www.freephotobank.orgThese photos are all free to use, but you must credit and link to their site. Seems fair to me.You can also use any photos from my site (address in my signature), except those in albums from other photographers, which is clear from the album name. But please also credit and link back to me.Good luck!Ma
  4. Malcolm53


    Hi Razvan,I did indeed have ideas of going a little bit commercial, hence the touting for advertising, but I think it just might spoil the hobby side of things, and I have already started removing the invitations. I already have a full-time job that I love (I teach English to adults) and just maybe it is best for me to keep work and play strictly separate.Thank you for the tips on forum and gallery software, which I'll have a bit of a think about. Forums need moderating, which is yet more work (our local sailing-club forum gets hijacked by a whole bunch of people who have nothing to do with bo
  5. Malcolm53


    Hi Justsomeguy,Nope, I'm talking about INT2000. They even have a bank account in Finland to make billing easier (no credit card necessary). I didn't choose them for cheapness, they were recommended to me by a friend.Have a nice one,Malcolm
  6. Malcolm53

    My page

    Hi Html,I like the background effects and the gentle style ( much less flashy than my site). As you asked for some feedback, I would offer only this. The thumbnail pic links would all fit neatly into one horizontal line (just lose the paragraph and end paragraph code in between). Then the page would have more balance from the top down.What do you think?Tell me tomorrow, I'm off to bed as I'm on Eastern European time.
  7. Malcolm53


    Hi Razvan,Let's settle down here. Yes, you did read me wrong my friend. I am a foreigner in a strange land myself - I'm a Brit in Finland, and 20 years ago that wasn't so easy either. I don't give a dingbat's kidney where people come from, I 'judge' everyone as I meet them (there's plenty of morons from Britain I wouldn't give the time of day to). Maybe I misread you too - I took it that you thought my site looked thoroughly amateur and needed expert help, so I reacted in turn. So, sorry for that.As a matter of interest, my web-host is in Estonia, and I, and several friends, are very satisfied
  8. Malcolm53


    Hi,I see that you are yourself from Bucharest in Romania, but I'm curious to know why you join in a site like W3Schools if you think we all need to outsource our coding.I do it for fun and self-improvement - that's why I don't hire a software company to do it for me.Have a nice day :-)Malcolm53
  9. Malcolm53


    Hi Html (interesting name)Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try. My current way is pretty labour intensive, but one has to have a hobby, right?Have a nice one,Malcolm53
  10. Malcolm53


    Hi All,I can't call myself an expert yet, but my website is now over two years old and, predictably, sucks up quite a lot of free time. I started out on a MSN Groups site, but it wasn't long before I kind of outgrew it and got my own domain. So there I was with an empty site - what to do? Should I find another text editor or learn how to write html. So I transferred some of my old MSN pages, came across W3 Schools and started to learn. Sometimes, when in a hurry, I'd use a text editor and regret it the moment I wanted to make a few changes (all that extra code to search through to tweak a font
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