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  1. OK, very soon I will send you my code. Thanks for taking time
  2. I don't know, who can help me when i am in confusion with using float left and right and position absolute value

  3. Hi all, I want to know, where should i use css position property instead of using float left and right, inline block etc. Is there any benefits to use css absolute value property?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I will send code, whatever I can do
  5. I love to learn and I love to teach other

  6. krrahman

    I am new here

    Hi, this is Krrahman from Dhaka. I am new in the web designing as well as in this great community. I am highly expecting all around support from pioneer. when i would be adopt on my niche, I could help others too. Thanks
  7. I am getting problem with a search box when I coding it. My requirements are it should be pixel perfect. There are three elements, text-box, arrow, border. Please see My attachment. and send me the code what will help me to lot. FYI: I am new in web designing.. Thank you @khalil5172
  8. I think, it is your image path problem. When we use image from local machine, we use "images/image1" something like that - try to re-size your image, rename images, check your div if there is any wrong coding or - finally avoid your div and create a new div with different name. Thank you
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