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  1. (Continuing to shout into the void...) I have tried the following query: for $isbn in //article where exists ("<copyright") return ( string($isbn/isbn/string()), string($isbn/copyright/string()) ) However, that gives me the following error (red text, bold etc all replicated in original message): query evaluated in Documents at file::Docs/ as 1.0-ml (cq v4.1-1) [1.0-ml] SVC-EXTIME: for $isbn in fn:collection()/descendant::article where fn:exists("<copyright") return (fn:string($isbn/isbn/fn:string(.)), fn:string($isbn/copyright/fn:string(.))) -- Time limit exceeded St
  2. This seems like it may be quite a straightforward query for experienced XQuery people - so forgive me if so. However, I am very much a novice when it comes to XQuery and am having trouble pulling out the information I need. Basically, I have a large repository of XML files, each of which contains information about a particular book. Each file has an ISBN tag (<isbn>), and some, but not all, files also have a <copyright> tag, giving info about its copyright status. I want to run an XQuery that searches for all files that include a copyright tag, and then for these files return bot
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