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  1. Yes these are the factors that that should be responsive
  2. Can you share some code to convert this?
  3. Thank you. So its not possible to have any solution?
  4. Hello On this page, i want the table to be responsive. Can you please help me what should be the code? https://4thdownmagazine.com/harrisburg-2017-schedule.html
  5. farhana

    Color Change

    On this page in Energy section, islamabadwebs.com 1) Please guide me to change the color to white 2) Up/Down Arrows should be at right at bottom of "News Archive" button
  6. farhana

    CSS Adjustments

    On this website http://bushveldenergy.com/ I need 'News Archive' section to be of white color and its height should be reduced. Can you please guide me which code to edit? Thanks
  7. Where to insert this code?
  8. farhana

    Images at Center

    I want that images should be not be aligned in middle like now. These should be arranged like this http://www.sandrashashou.com/Capture.JPG Please guide and thanks
  9. farhana

    Images at Center

    Is there a way that images should be in sequence without vertical alignment in middle?
  10. in the place of the Agree/No radio buttons
  11. So is there a way to replace bullet with CheckBox
  12. I want to insert CheckBox instead of Bullet in 'Agree to Terms of Use' section on this page http://wetheresidents.com/component/users/?view=registration Please guide me!
  13. farhana

    Reduce Space

    Is there any way to reduce huge space with css code for this page only http://www.sandrashashou.com/single-article?imageId=25A
  14. farhana

    Reduce Space

    Thank you very much
  15. farhana

    Images at Center

    I want that borders width should be small as screenshot attached and thankshttp://www.sandrashashou.com/Capture.JPG
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