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  1. But how can I set a link behind the button? Putting the href in the button doesnt work: <button class="123" href="abc.html">abc</button> Putting the button-class in the link doesnt work too: <a class="button" href="abc.html">abc</a>
  2. Thanks a lot. It would probably be better to link buttons and html, right?
  3. Hi there, can you just use a button to "submit" and "delete" something? Im planing to have a "link"-button. Is there a tutorial for buttons? I want to learn how to create and design buttons. Thanks for your help, Chrex
  4. Got it <?php$csv = array();$file = fopen('myfile.csv', 'r');while (($result = fgetcsv($file)) !== false){ $csv[] = $result;}/*******************************************/$i="0";for ($c=0; $csv[$c][0] =< $postalcode; $c++){$i=$i+1; }$postalcoderow = $i;/*******************************************/fclose($file);/*echo '<pre>';print_r($csv[$postalcoderow][$columnnumber]);echo '</pre>';*/?>
  5. Hi guys, here is what I have: an excel sheet (XLS, 4MB) with postal codes in the first column more data in the other columns here is what I need: looking for the postal code in the excel sheet get the information to this postal code from the other columns work with the other information (use them as variables) example: PC | A | B | C 1234 | 2.3 | 3.5 | 1.1 2345 | 3.3 | 3.3 | 7.8 ---> If I have the postal code 2345, I want to create the variables $a=3.3 ; $b=3.3 ; c=7.8 in PHP here is what I heard about: phpexcel.php php_excelReader here are my questions: What would you recommend (phpexcel.php or php_excelReder or something else)? Is there a tutorial on w3schools (I couldn´t find one)? Can you provide some code? Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks to everyone again, especially to Ingolme (he delivered the solution). The formate of the script was ANSI, so I had to change it with "Encode in UTF-8". No idea why it didn´t work right away after clicking on "Encode in UTF-8", but after a few conversions (ANSI, Encode in UTF-8, Concert to UTF-8) it works. You can´t do this with Expression Web 4, I used Notepad++. Hope it will help someone with the same problem. Cheers, Chrex
  7. It says: UTF-8
  8. Expression Web 4
  9. hmmm, my page works with UTF-08: <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" /> ...and my script too: <script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" src="show.js"> Everything works, when I replace "m³" with "m". How I said, I had the same problem with "ä, ö, ü", but I could solve it by using "u00f6". But u33a5" doesn´t work for "m³".
  10. @Jonathanks: I tryed this "<sup>3</sup>" already...it doesnt work. @Ingolme: The variable is set in front of the "if-code", right after the start of the function. function show_selection(){var abc = document.getElementById('abc').value; if (abc == "m³") { var variable = "m³"; document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = variable; }}
  11. Hmmm, the alert says: m³
  12. The problem has to be the "if-code". The "if" doesn´t agree that abc == "m³". I figured that out by changing the code to: if (abc == "m³") { var variable = "m"; document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = variable;} If the "if-code" would work, I would get "m". I´m very sure the innerHTML works, because it does work with all the other variables.
  13. Just found something which says "UTF-8".
  14. Hmmm, thanks for the link. I found this: "u33A5", but it doesn´t work. My files should be saved in the right format, because it works with "ä", right?
  15. @Foxy Mod: That doesn´t work for me. I also use the value in php and it will be shown at one place, so it needs to be "m³". @justsomeguy: "doesn´t work" means, my script/function doesn´t work with the value and doesn´t show the value. I had the same problem with "ä" and I could solve it by replacing the "ä" with "u00e4". I thought there is something like that for "m^3".
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