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  1. But how can I set a link behind the button? Putting the href in the button doesnt work: <button class="123" href="abc.html">abc</button> Putting the button-class in the link doesnt work too: <a class="button" href="abc.html">abc</a>
  2. Thanks a lot. It would probably be better to link buttons and html, right?
  3. Hi there, can you just use a button to "submit" and "delete" something? Im planing to have a "link"-button. Is there a tutorial for buttons? I want to learn how to create and design buttons. Thanks for your help, Chrex
  4. Got it <?php$csv = array();$file = fopen('myfile.csv', 'r');while (($result = fgetcsv($file)) !== false){ $csv[] = $result;}/*******************************************/$i="0";for ($c=0; $csv[$c][0] =< $postalcode; $c++){$i=$i+1; }$postalcoderow = $i;/*******************************************/fclose($file);/*echo '<pre>';print_r($csv[$postalcoderow][$columnnumber]);echo '</pre>';*/?>
  5. Hi guys, here is what I have: an excel sheet (XLS, 4MB) with postal codes in the first column more data in the other columns here is what I need: looking for the postal code in the excel sheet get the information to this postal code from the other columns work with the other information (use them as variables) example: PC | A | B | C 1234 | 2.3 | 3.5 | 1.1 2345 | 3.3 | 3.3 | 7.8 ---> If I have the postal code 2345, I want to create the variables $a=3.3 ; $b=3.3 ; c=7.8 in PHP here i
  6. Thanks to everyone again, especially to Ingolme (he delivered the solution). The formate of the script was ANSI, so I had to change it with "Encode in UTF-8". No idea why it didn´t work right away after clicking on "Encode in UTF-8", but after a few conversions (ANSI, Encode in UTF-8, Concert to UTF-8) it works. You can´t do this with Expression Web 4, I used Notepad++. Hope it will help someone with the same problem. Cheers, Chrex
  7. It says: UTF-8
  8. Expression Web 4
  9. hmmm, my page works with UTF-08: <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" /> ...and my script too: <script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" src="show.js"> Everything works, when I replace "m³" with "m". How I said, I had the same problem with "ä, ö, ü", but I could solve it by using "u00f6". But u33a5" doesn´t work for "m³".
  10. @Jonathanks: I tryed this "<sup>3</sup>" already...it doesnt work. @Ingolme: The variable is set in front of the "if-code", right after the start of the function. function show_selection(){var abc = document.getElementById('abc').value; if (abc == "m³") { var variable = "m³"; document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = variable; }}
  11. Hmmm, the alert says: m³
  12. The problem has to be the "if-code". The "if" doesn´t agree that abc == "m³". I figured that out by changing the code to: if (abc == "m³") { var variable = "m"; document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = variable;} If the "if-code" would work, I would get "m". I´m very sure the innerHTML works, because it does work with all the other variables.
  13. Just found something which says "UTF-8".
  14. Hmmm, thanks for the link. I found this: "u33A5", but it doesn´t work. My files should be saved in the right format, because it works with "ä", right?
  15. @Foxy Mod: That doesn´t work for me. I also use the value in php and it will be shown at one place, so it needs to be "m³". @justsomeguy: "doesn´t work" means, my script/function doesn´t work with the value and doesn´t show the value. I had the same problem with "ä" and I could solve it by replacing the "ä" with "u00e4". I thought there is something like that for "m^3".
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