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  1. Edit out the links and start a new topic with code that's uninfected. Preferably code that you can post using the code tags..


    I'd do that as quickly as possible. If someone catches something from those links, you'd probably be barred from from the site.

    Thank you very much for your help, please let me know if I misunderstood with my editing of this post.

  2. Looking for a code that's uninfected, preferably code that you can post using the Facebook script code tags.


    Does anyone have a script code for tagging all frinds in a post, if not then ....

    Just like all the rest of the auto tag scripts for Facebook on youtube they are not working. I have found one script that works but I can't post what I want, I am not allowed to tag the post that I want. I am only allowed to post what the creator wants me to tag. Make sense? Can you edit the script to allow me to post what I want then tag all my friends?

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