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  1. You Sir, are a legend. It works! Sorry that I'm such a dunce and didn't quite grasp the specifics of what you meant. Thanks for having the patience to bear with me!
  2. Oh... so... before ANY html at all... even the head tags. Okay, so... will moving all of the main php code before the head tags on the page solve my issue? Or just the "header('Location: thankyou.html');"? Well I suppose it's not hard to try and see what happens...
  3. Hmm, I kinda need a lot more to the enquiry form then what your code provides srinivas g. And to edit my code to match that involves basically complete re-writing it. Is there really no simple solution that doesn't involve rewriting the whole thing just to get the form to say "thank you" when submitted? It doesn't need to be an actual page redirect, just anything to show the customer that their enquiry was successfully submitted.This is the whole code for the page currently, not just the relevant parts. Everything seems to work as intended with the only exception being that nothing notifies th
  4. Hmm, I see. I'll have to edit that a fair bit to be relevant to the website I'm working on but that could work. I was hoping there would be a simple solution but it seems not, so I'll give that a shot.
  5. I think maybe I understand. So the "<?php echo $partErr;?>", etc. within the form is getting in the way of the php header that's supposed to bring up thankyou.html when the form submitted because it's not in the first block of php at the top of the page?Or do I just need to bring the "header('Location: thankyou.html');" earlier in the script so it comes before the $email_from, $email_body, etc. lines?
  6. Actually, after re-reading that about 20 times I think I finally got my head around it. So what you're saying is (I think), that because the form is outputting something before the header, that's why it's not showing the thankyou page when it's submitted. I think.So... I guess I need to either move the header redirect before the output code... or use something else to redirect to the thankyou page after submission?
  7. Well, um... that entirely went over my head. :fool:Sorry, I'm very new to this.
  8. Huzzah! That seems to have done the trick. Now I only seem to have one final issue. The email sends if there are no errors, but the form doesn't redirect to the thankyou.html page when submitted anymore. Any ideas?
  9. Hmm... that seems to send emails either way, also sending them as soon as the page is accessed...maybe the last bit of code to send the email needs to be if(!$isError = false) or something like that?
  10. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I am very much a novice when it comes to this and understand much better with examples. Would anyone be able to provide an quick example of the if/else code that would work for this situation? I don't need the full thing, just the lines involving what to wrap the email code in. Apologies for making what must be very noob requests.
  11. Hi good people of w3, I'd been using the tutorials on this site a lot in an attempt to get the email enquiry form working for the website I've been putting together for the place I'm currently employed at. This isn't exactly my forte, I'm pretty decent when it comes to html but php is an animal I'm only just starting to become familiar with.I have an issue currently where particular parts of the form are required to be filled in, and I can successfully generate errors when this does not occur. However, the errors do not actually stop the email from being sent and hence we end up with incomplet
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