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  1. i spent one week reading almost every article, but i don't know how to implement that on my background.js, and how to put all my urls, outside the background.js and store that on the hdd, also i have more than 2 millions urls, not just "words"
  2. Hi to all, i hope to find some help here. This is my problem, which need urgent help. Im working on a chrome extension, VERY VERY basic. My extension block a list of "urls" so i have 2 files for my chrome extension, my manifest.json and background.js Code of manifest.json: {"name":"Stop-it","description":"app","version":"1.0,"manifest_version":2,"permissions": ["webRequest","webRequestBlocking","unlimitedStorage"],"icons":{"48":"icon.png"},"background":{"scripts": ["background.js"]},"browser_action":{"default_popup":"popup.html","default_icon":"icon.png"}} and the code of
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