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  1. i spent one week reading almost every article, but i don't know how to implement that on my background.js, and how to put all my urls, outside the background.js and store that on the hdd, also i have more than 2 millions urls, not just "words"
  2. Hi to all, i hope to find some help here. This is my problem, which need urgent help. Im working on a chrome extension, VERY VERY basic. My extension block a list of "urls" so i have 2 files for my chrome extension, my manifest.json and background.js Code of manifest.json: {"name":"Stop-it","description":"app","version":"1.0,"manifest_version":2,"permissions": ["webRequest","webRequestBlocking","unlimitedStorage"],"icons":{"48":"icon.png"},"background":{"scripts": ["background.js"]},"browser_action":{"default_popup":"popup.html","default_icon":"icon.png"}} and the code of my background.js: chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest.addListener( function(details) {return {cancel: true};}, { urls:[ .url1, .url2, etc... ] },['blocking']); at the moment i store all the urls, inside the background.js, and thats the problem, because its a list of urls i update every week, and my urls list has 2 millions urls, so when i install my extension, and start browsing, chrome become really really slower. I really need help on this problem, the manifest.json, is perfect and work perfectly, the problem come from my background.js, how to store all those urls on the user computer, instead of the background.js, i add here a jpeg file who show the memory consumption in chrome. thanks to all
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