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  1. I am coding using WebMatrix and have a strange problem with textareas when I use the mouse wheel to scroll, The attachment shows results from two different programs. When the scrollbar is used for move up or down the same effect is produced except that the spacing between lines is greater. Any idea what is wrong? textarea problem.xml
  2. textarea has strange lines

  3. Thanks dsonesuk. That does exactly what I used to do using the <center> construct and a javascript plug into the divid.innerhtml of the screen. To dustcomposer - By "Dynamic Formatting" I am saying that the actual text is created by the server depending upon the rules that apply to the information being displayed in the text. Thus one display may require two headings (centred) above the text, another display may require the addition of bolding and underline to the two headings, another may only have one line of heading. Each format is displayed using the same CSS and asp.net controls in the same are of the client screen. dsonesuk solution works great. Try it. Cut and paste the second example into a <div> </div> block.
  4. Thanks Ingolme, I am aware of the CSS you are suggesting but neither provides dynamic formatting. Example - String = "<center>This is a heading</center></br><center>Another Heading</center></br> This is the text of a report which can be multiline and is left justified" used to format with two centred headings and a left justified text. The number of headings may vary from one to as many as are necessary. Now it is all left justified which is not what the customer wants.
  5. Prior to HTML5 it was possible to dynamically format a text so that a heading of 1 to 3 lines could be centred and the balance of the text left justified. The <center> </center> construct did this. HTML 5 has cancelled the command and the note says use CSS. Could someone explain how CSS might replicate the dynamic formatting.
  6. I use a lot of dynamic text. Some requires code such as Blah blah. Blah blah varies and can contain one to three
    (new line) commands. HTML5 says use the CSS and does not recognise the inline command anymore. How do I do this for this type of construct?

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