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  1. Wow, that was clear language! Thank you so much "justsomeguy"! I'll immediately try this! Warm regards, Lars
  2. I have heavily relied upon register_globals in my web projects since years back. So, now when this function is turned off I'm trying the GET method. But I haven't found anywhere how I use this to pass variables through the URL from clicking a link. Here is an example of my code: <? if ($_GET["pageid"]="igbestallning") { include "includes/igbestallning.inc.php"; } elseif ($_GET["pageid"]="dialog") { include "includes/dialog.inc.php"; } elseif ($_GET["pageid"]="forslum") { include "includes/forslum.inc.php"; } else { include "includes/nospam.inc.php"; } ?> In this
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